Fried Chicken Restaurant Run By 7 Youtubers

This Fried Chicken Restaurant Run By 7 Youtubers Opened Its First Branch

This restaurant called “Sides” is dedicated to serving the best quality fried chicken to its customers and is located in Boxpark, Wembley. This fried chicken food chain was already popular among the customers even before it opened its first outlet. That is because Sides was initially doing a home delivery food service. This food chain was launched in November 2021 by a group of 7 Youtubers and was doing great in terms of profit.

The Team

Fried Chicken

The Sidemen, a team of Youtubers included KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, Ethan (also known as Behzinga), Vikkstar123, TBJZL, and W2S. Behzinga expressed that the team was thrilled to open its first branch in Boxpark, Wembley because “It’s fast-moving, agile, and thrives online, so it felt like a perfect fit for a brand built by creators”. This group of Youtubers is in partnership with Reef. Reef is dedicated to transforming urban spaces into community hubs. As a result of which jobs are created and new goods, services, and experiences are brought to a chosen area.

The Menu At Sides


The restaurant, in addition to fried chicken, also offers other fried food to its customers. The items on its menu include loaded waffle fries, mac n cheese bites, and various deals like XIX Box Chicken or XIX Box Vegan Chicken. These deals include a main dish, a side, a dip, and a drink. The goal of the Sidemen is to make Sides easily accessible for the fans and customers. Ethan reportedly says, “So creating a physical experience that everyone can enjoy was an obvious next step for us”. The employees of the restaurant report that ever since the restaurant has opened, it has created excitement among the fans. The people are constantly asking after the Sidemen.

Ethan also says that “the option of having both a ghost kitchen and a physical store is the sweet spot. And we’re excited to roll out more physical locations alongside our virtual offering”. The variety of vegan sauces that are offered by the restaurant includes teriyaki, BBQ, chipotle, Louisiana, Korean BBQ, XIX buffalo, and garlic vegan mayo. The menu also offers burgers which include an option for a vegan burger and a choice for your preferred sauce.

Reef employees have also revealed their expansion plans. The goal is to open more stores in different locations in the United States by the end of this year.

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