McDonald’s Menu Items Being Sold Online In Russia

Russians Are Trying To Sell McDonald’s Menu Items Online Following Branch Closures

After the closure of more than 800 McDonald’s restaurants in the region, Russians are attempting to sell the menu items online. The locals are trying to sell the items at insanely inflated prices which will leave you surprised. A Russian classified ads website, Avito offered different McDonald’s products which included McMuffins and Big Macs.

The Insane McDonald’s Menu Prices

McDonald's menu

A Big Mac was advertised for $36 by a Moscow-based seller. This price is extremely high as compared to the regular price which was previously $1. In addition to this, another seller from Russia advertised “McDonald’s Breakfast” for $18. This breakfast contained McMuffins, sauces, and potato pancakes. The sellers expressed that they were making an effort to offer McDonald’s to “those who want to enjoy the last taste of a bygone era”.

People Trying To Sell Packaging

McDonald's menu items

Some people in Russia are even attempting to sell “McDonald’s Packages”. As unbelievable as it may sound a McDonald’s bag was advertised for $373! However, it is unknown if the bag contained any food or not. The absurdity doesn’t end here. The website also contained other advertisements which were an attempt to sell items like McDonald’s cups and French fries’ holders. A seller from Russia advertised a “McDonald’s Signature Glass” for $74.

We can completely relate with the love for McDonald’s menu but this situation is getting a little out of hands. McDonald’s closure in Russia was followed by disapproval and reaction from the fans. Footage shared on social media showed how the citizens of Moscow were rushing to the outlets to grab their favorite meals before the closure. According to Indy100, one citizen completely stocked his fridge with McDonald’s burgers before the closure. The photo was posted on Reddit. This is what the caption said: “McDonald’s is permanently closing in Russia here is my friend’s stash”.

The CEO of McDonald’s Chris Kempczinski expressed his opinion. He said that it is impossible to predict when McDonald’s will reopen in Russia. However, the company is “closely monitoring” the situation.

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