Video of Exercise Bikes in China's McDonald's Has Gone Viral!

Video of Exercise Bikes in China’s McDonald’s Has Gone Viral!

You’ll find yourself looking at pizzas and burgers like a child in a toy store no matter how hard you try to get into that healthy diet of leafy veggies and protein-rich smoothies. We can’t say we blame you. Most of us have done this and immediately regretted it after failing to fit into a pair of stylish pants. McDonald’s China, on the other hand, may have found a solution to these problems, and a video of a woman putting it to the test has gone viral.

Customers were shown eating burgers or sipping soft drinks while sitting on a table designed like an exercise bike in a widely distributed Twitter video, all while trying to burn off some of the calories they were ingesting.

Take a look:

The video has received over 1.5 million views and several comments from internet users. While some have criticized the burger chain’s new feature, others have pointed out that 5 minutes of cycling will not burn even half of the calories consumed.

Here’s what people have to say:


A lot of users on Twitter are coining Mcdonald’s attempt as “McFit” or “McFittnes” and many are mocking them for such a dumb idea.

However, McDonald’s has yet to publicly acknowledge the problem, and it appears that the exercise bikes are limited to a single location, but the corporation has been working to change its reputation as a fast-food restaurant for some time.

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