Shiba Inu, Battle Infinity, and Big Eyes Coin Aim To Be The Future of Cryptocurrency Platforms

Yes, cryptocurrencies were largely inspired by memes. No, this isn’t a joke, and yes it did start out that way.

As the market has developed, so have the players within this industry. The new kids on the block are Shiba Inu (SHIB), Battle Infinity (IBAT), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

In the early days, the crypto community went from a giggle to a livelihood, and the main inspirations came from memes, now we see the landscape return to its origins, and memories of the old days have inspired the way forward.

The new star of the crypto scene is the cat-themed Big Eyes Coin; they have given a clear indication of their intent by raising an impressive presale stage figure of $23.5m (£19.5m) so far.

As with all industries, competition is rife, and Shiba Inu, and Battle Infinity are no chumps either.

Shiba Inu Has Impressive Ecosystem

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has set the blueprint for how a meme coin should design an ecosystem. It has an incredible variety of tokens within its system, which aid with rewarding and governance of the system.

It also has launched its layer-2 network, Shibarium, which will increase the ecosystems offerings and speed. With a varied NFT offerings and metaverse  creations, Shiba Inu has created an incredibly ecosystem that has set the blueprint for the future.

Battle Infinity and beyond!

As the blockchain innovation develops we are seeing a big push towards the metaverse, some suggesting interactive VR will hold centre stage. Crypto games in the metaverse often also have an interconnected social media function, definitely a good way to get the word around.

Gaming platform Battle infinity (IBAT) hosts multiple P2E battle games that integrate with the metaverse world. What is the name of this metaverse world you ask? The Battle Arena! I would imagine a similar name for the meme coin market would work.

Once you join the Battle Infinity platform it will transport you to the IBAT Premier league. Here you will be able to buy your NFTs in the form of your favorite athletes. I’ve yet to spot Paul Gasgoine or John Barnes on there, but time will tell.

Here you will get the chance to pick your formation and manage your team to glory. At the end of the season, to the victor goes the spoils and the IBAT tokens.

Here we will find out if you are Pep Guardiola or Frank Lampard. You might also make some money, not as much as those two, but enough.

Cool Cats, Big Eyes

Focusing on its carbon Pawprint, cryptocurrency meme coin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is helping to cool our global warming, the heat is obviously getting in the way of their Cat Naps.

The new Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus gives solid evidence of this, proving they have reduced their own carbon pawprint by 99.95%.

Taking after Dogecoin (DOGE), Big Eyes Coin are looking to build a loyal community around cute memes! It seems as though they are doing just that, with the biggest presales in recent history with $23.5m (£19.5m).

If what you’ve read sounds interesting and you decide to join the Big Eyes community, we have a promo code for you: LAUNCHBIGEYES200, giving you an increase of 200% in anything you invest. Don’t hang about, the code expires on 20th Feb.

The new Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus shows just how well they have done with improving the future of our planet, by reducing its own carbon footprint by 99.95%.

In Conclusion

We see here three impressive ideas that prove the potential of cryptocurrency. Will they be the future of the industry? Big Eyes Coin have shown that focusing on charitable and environmental aspects works in its favour.

Yet a more interactive aspect with Shiba Inu and Battle Infinity has also shown to reflect positive results in the markets. 2023 already has shown an impressive indication that cryptocurrency in all its forms has heaps of potential.

Written by Muhammad Arslan

Arslan is a Multi-disciplinary Designer who is leading ProPakistani Product Design Team and also working for the Strategic planning & development for branded content across ProPakistani Digital Platforms through comprehensive research and data analysis.

He is currently working as the Principal Product Designer for ProPakistani and its projects and also as an Editor for sponsored section of ProPakistani.