10 Times Ayeza Khan Carried Herself Flawlessly with Western Wear [Pictures]

She is stunning.

ayeza khan

Ayeza Khan is a fashion icon in her own right and no one, absolutely no one can deny that.

She has a unique taste in fashion and loves creating new trends. Although she is usually seen in eastern wear in most of her photoshoots, she equally adores her western outfits.

Here are the 10 times Ayeza Khan played with an ordinary western outfit and turned it into a stylish piece of her collection.

Are you ready? Start scrolling.

10. When she rocked a pantsuit with a pair of clips. Cute and sassy.

9. When her outfit matched the background but who cares, she killed it.

8. When social media couldn’t stop talking about her pale pink jacket. Trendy!

7. When she popped up a blue jacket with oversized sunglasses.


6. Ayeza Khan wearing an Ayeza Khan t-shirt. Only legends can relate.

5. When her harem plants and red slippers were shouting ‘chic and comfortable’.

4. When she paired her denim jacket with brown belt and bag. Nothing extraordinary, but still a delightful combination

3. Edgy boots are part of her airport fashion and she knows how to carry them.

2. Ever seen someone slaying denim while lying down on a couch and doing absolutely nothing? Me neither.

1. Wearing a choker for a casual day out is something Ayeza Khan can definitely pull off.

Which one of these looks by Ayeza Khan is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.



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