Aagha Ali Talks About First Breakup, Marital Bliss and More [Video]

The actor spills personal details in a tell-all interview.

Aagha Ali

Aagha Ali was recently invited to Good Morning Pakistan where he opened up about his personal life, including his first breakup, the worst decision of his life and of course, how marriage brought stability into his life.

The Mere Bewafa actor tied the knot with actress Hina Altaf in May, 2020. They now host their own show which is called The Couple Show.


Speaking with the host, Nida Yasir, Aagha Ali shared that his marriage with Hina Altaf gave him a sense of responsibility and brought a sense of calm in his life.

“I feel what marriage does is, it sorts out your routine for you because you have to be responsible since another person is attached to you,” said Ali.

While his personality may still be the same, he has seen significant changes in his life. Aagha Ali went on to share that in the past, a lot of his decisions were fueled by his emotions but he has become a calmer person now.



The Khoob Seerat actor also shared his experiences from the past. Talking about his first breakup, Aagha shared how he coped up with the loss.

“I heard a lot of sad songs but I overcame it with time. A broken heart means broken trust and it hurts a lot. It obviously takes time to heal.”

Furthermore, he also shared the worst decision of his life. The actor once ventured into business, of which he didn’t reveal any details but he faced a huge loss. That, according to him was the worst decision he ever made.



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