Amna Ilyas Upsets the Internet With Her Latest Video

The ‘Baaji’ actress shared a video on her Instagram that sparked outrage

Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas often sparks controversy with her skits and this time too, the actress is facing backlash for highlighting a serious issue.

The model-turned-actress shared a video on her Instagram yesterday in which we see two men who are polar opposites. One is a nerd while the other is very attractive and Amna Ilyas can be heard saying ‘sexy’ to the other guy.

Kaheen pe nigahein kaheen pe nishana,” she wrote in the caption.


While one may get the wrong idea after seeing the video at first, but if you pay close attention, you will definitely see the message she is trying to convey.

The Baaji actress sheds light on how women face these issues on a regular basis. They are objectified and get cat-called all the time and this needs to stop.

However, some netizens the portrayal was very ‘wrong’ and ‘offensive’. One Instagram user wrote,

“Now if a (male) actor had made a video like this with two girls. One is a nerd and other smart one. And the actor calling the smart one “sexy”. Just think about the consequences!!”


Another user said sarcastically,

“Good thing to share in ramzan”


It seems that the video has offended her fans. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.



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