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Celebs Say What They Meme in ‘2020 Challenge’ [Pictures]

Thanks Reese Witherspoon

As the COVID-19 pandemic manages to keep its head up we’re stuck dealing with this not very normal ‘new normal. To say the least 2020 has spawned many memes for that very reason, that’s how the ‘2020 Challenge‘ emerged. Now celebs are creating memes to describe how 2020 has been so far.

No matter how dark or grim memes are they still manage to cheer you up. It’s actually a good way to get those grim feelings out there. So Reese Witherspoon started the ‘2020 Challenge‘ to describe how she’s feeling. That’s why it’s also called the ‘Reese Witherspoon Challenge‘.


These Memes Hilariously Describe What a Disaster The Year 2020 Is

The Legally Blonde star posted a series of her pictures, depicting the mood of the month. She shared the post with the caption,

“Yup #2020 (sic).”

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Yup. #2020challenge

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The 2020 Challenge describes how every month of this year has been so far. It also predicts what September will look like.

Since then many celebs have taken on the 2020 Challenge and it’s hilarious.

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Pretty much. Inspired by @reesewitherspoon

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hey @reesewitherspoon I get what you meme #2020

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Sofia Vergara put that burning question out there;

“Ayyy I don’t even want to know what October will look like (sic).”


Cara Delevigne really nailed it with her take on the viral challenge.


Even online streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu dived into the challenge. We’ve gotta say Netflix just makes better memes. (in both senses of the statement). Good effort by Hulu though.


‘My Plans in 2020’ Meme Sums Up What We All Feel About This Year


Here’s a look at how Netizens took on the challenge.

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#2020challenge #babygeradriel

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Pretty creative huh. Ya know despite being grim.

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