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Did Saba Qamar’s Phone Get Hacked?

Here’s the full story.

saba qamar hacked?

For those of you who don’t know what the smartphone app Houseparty is, let us give you a little background. The app started receiving a lot of attention and fame as soon as the lockdown began. It has now become an internet sensation and as per the data from Apptopia, the number of users per week has increased to a whopping 130,000.



Houseparty is basically a video calling application that has a wide range of games, from quizzes to trivia, that you can play with your friends.



However, as the number of people using the app increased so did the rumors about it being a scam. People fled to social media to inform others about the absurd experiences they’ve had since downloading the app.

They say their online accounts were hacked and used by someone. Accounts like Netflix, Ebay, Instagram, and Spotify experienced some illegitimate activities.

Saba Qamar also gets involved

Recently, Pakistani actress and host Saba Qamar experienced something very similar. Her manager took to Instagram to explain how someone was using the number that Saba Qamar owns while she still had it in her daily use.

Got almost 10 calls from Saba’s number asking me if I am Mishi and the person was an anonymous young man.

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To my Person, Happiest Birthday to the Ultimate Diva, the most beautiful person inside out my one and only Q.U.E.E.N @sabaqamarzaman 👏🎂💃🏻😍🥳🌟 I think that you are placed into people's lives for a reason. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky and what I have done to deserve a friend/mentor like you. I could really write a book about the positive affect you have had on my life. These videos can really show the bond that we share with each other and it's never a dull moment at all! You're nothing less than a family to me and i feel blessed to have you in my life. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You loved me when I was hard to love. You listened to me when I didn’t have a voice. But most importantly, you'll always be my Go-To person no matter what because whenever my confidence lags you re assure me of myself! And I think, That is special in every sense. Thankyou for being YOURSELF! ❤️ Thankyou for understanding my odd sense of humor, my love for sarcasm, also for laughing at my terrible jokes and side comments. I have never had a bad moment with you. You are the epitome of a beautiful human being. I hope that every person in this world has someone like you in their lives. -Signing off with lots of love and Duaas always! 😘😘 #SabaQamar #SabaQamarZaman #Birthday #IGdaily #BirthdayGirl

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Cheema also added that they suspect it was because of the famous Houseparty app that her phone may have got compromised. However, she says that things are currently under control.

We have made sure that all accounts are secure now, but just in case, if something goes wrong, we are informing every one of you ahead of time that this has happened.

Here’s what Miss Cheema posted on her Insta story:



Rumors about the application being a scam were slammed by the owners, who also developed the famous online game Fortnite. They are now offering a US $ 1 million to whoever gives them proof of it being a hack or being part of a paid commercial smear campaign.

For those of you who are concerned/indecisive about the application’s safety, iPhone users can delete it at any given time. However, the story is a little different for Android users, who will have to email Houseparty’s support channel at [email protected]

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