‘Didn’t Eat For 6 to 8 Months,’ Mashal Khan Says Her Eating Disorder Almost Took Her Life

The ‘Parizaad’ star returned from the brink of death.

Actress Mashal Khan recently appeared as a special guest for an interview with Fuschia magazine. During the chit-chat, she revealed a shocking bunch of instances in which she risked her life by her eating disorder.

When we look at the life of superstars, we tend to assume that they live just the perfect one. But we are mistaken. Many of them actually have to undergo a lot of struggle and challenges in life, to reach where they are now. We never know what a person is going through in his/her life. Just as the rising star Mashal Khan.


During an interview, she shared how she came back from the edge of death thrice in her life because of her eating disorder. She said,

“I didn’t eat for 6 to 8 months, literally, I used to take just one bite because of fear that this will make me gain weight. I started to get scared of eating food because of the bullying I went through. Seriously, I went to hell and came back.”

She shared one incident of passing out,

“I was going for a rowing competition on a bus. For a moment, I got pale and couldn’t feel my body, and lost my sight. At that time I prayed to God that please send me back I will do all the good deeds just don’t take me now.”

The Khaas star mentioned that it just feels like a dream now but I literally went through such a tough time.

Here is the full video of the Interview:





More about Mashal Khan:

Mashal Khan is one of the top rising stars of the Pakistani showbiz industry. The talented starlet is quickly making a name for herself in the entertainment business. The model made her debut in 2018’s hit sitcom series Suno Chanda. The young actress won the hearts of the audience as “Kinza”. The role proved to be a major breakthrough for her as Mashal went on to star in other successful drama serials like Thora Sa Haq and Dulhan.


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