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Gul Ahmed Gets Called Out For Copying Designs

Seriously? Who is running their design team?

Gul Ahmed posted an apology

Not too long ago (read: only one day ago) Gul Ahmed posted an apology for copying off an artist’s designs for their summer launch.

Shehzil, who is a feminist and makes designs supporting the cause of women empowerment, took to social media to raise his voice.

The fashion outlet soon apologized to Mr. Shehzil and also uploaded a public apology. It could have sounded sincere, had there not been other similar cases in the same launch.


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Posted by Shehzil Malik on Saturday, February 22, 2020

While the fire from this backlash was still lit, another artist came forward with a similar case. Gul Khan Truck Art, that represents cultural artwork from Pakistan, makes beautiful home decor products among other things.

The artist, Ali Gul, took to social media to bring this issue to light and seek help and support from his followers and supporters of art. He wrote

Our brand, Gul Khan Truck Art Art is an endeavor to revive truck art locally and internationally, we have put in tremendous amount of effort in bringing it to an acceptance level. Gul Ahmed has copied our logo and printing it on their clothing line! Only we know what it has taken to build it! The creative and production team at Gul Ahmed has simply copied it!


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Posted by Ali Gul on Saturday, February 22, 2020

Even though Gul Ahmed posted an apology (again), the public is demanding answers. Artists and supporters alike are raising the issue and demanding proper actions by the Gul Ahmed team.

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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