Haroon Shahid Opens Up About Misconceptions of Marriage

Actor Haroon Shahid is being seen in various dramas these days, mostly playing positive roles. Be it an innocent brother, or a charming husband. He pulls off his characters quite well and has begun taking his acting quotient up a notch. With his increasing fan following the singer-turned-actor is signing back-to-back projects to get into the game.

He started his music career in 2008 and entered the field of acting in the year 2017. Shahid made his debut with the diva Mahira Khan in the Pakistani movie Verna, in 2017 and later he gave other multiples hits.

The Qayamat actor was recently invited to Nida Yasir’s morning show where he shed some light on the misinterpretations of the marriage institution. He tried to change the perspective of people regarding marriage with some inspiring words.

“In today’s day and age, marriage is known as an institution. Now because a few people have had bad experiences, people have now started calling that institution bad. And one of its biggest examples is Islamophobia. Now in the whole world, a bad impact on Islam is been created. Even though there must be some elements that were troublesome, a few terrorists, etc. Now we commonly see that people start calling the whole institution bad by looking at the experience of a few people. A few people didn’t get along and got divorced so this whole institution is bad. But it isn’t true. There are a lot of positives than a few negatives. Negatives can be in anything. It is necessary to understand this”

He tried to clear the misconception that not all fingers are equal, if you see one couple getting divorced doesn’t mean all couples carry the same fate.




Written by Mawra Tahir


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