Iqra Aziz Spotted Enjoying Photoshoot with Newborn Son

Iqra keeps sharing her fun moments with their son from time to time

Looks like Iqra Aziz is enjoying her motherhood quite well. From her son, Kabir’s Aqeeqa event to his latest photoshoot, Iqra has it all planned. Her major motherhood mantras are unraveling from time to time.

The Jhooti star welcomed son Kabir Hussain with husband Yasir Hussain on July 26th, 2021. Recently, Yasir and Iqra hosted an up-close Aqeeqah ceremony of their son Kabir over the weekend, two months after his birth in July.

The couple keeps sharing their fun moments with their son from time to time and shows how much they are enjoying parenthood.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain haven’t revealed their son’s face yet. Earlier, Hussain took it to Instagram and explained why do they refrain from posting their baby’s pictures.

“chehra kya dekhty ho, dil mai utar kar dekho na 😜😘
mai toh aaj tasweer laga doon bus bachy ki nani ne phasoori dali hui hai lol”

The Baandi actor humorously said that even though he himself would have loved to post his son’s picture on social media, Kabir’s Nani (grandmother) doesn’t approve.

But Yasir has given fans a sneak-peek today, into Iqra Aziz and son Kabir’s latest photoshoot, and fans cannot stop gushing.

Spotted on Yasir’s Instagram Stories, both Iqra and Kabir were lying on a white fur rug as they posed together in matching blue night wears again with the baby’s face hidden.

Seems like the Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3 diva has finally convinced her mom to reveal her baby’s face and introduce him to the fans officially with an adorable mommy-baby photoshoot.

Iqra too, shared a photo with the photographer on her Instagram Stories, expressing her excitement ahead of the final pictures.

“Can’t wait for the pictures,”

captioned Iqra on the photo.

Let’s see what creativity Aziz comes up with next?


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