Jemima Goldsmith Asks For ‘Best Current Pakistani Wedding Song’ And Twitter Goes Overboard

Jemima Goldsmith

British journalist and filmmaker Jemima Goldsmith asked Twitter an interesting question and Netizens are taking this seriously.

So what’s the question in question? What’s the best current Pakistani wedding song? Her exact words;

“Question for Pakistani Twitter: What is the best contemporary Pakistani pop song please that would play at a wedding?”

So what is the best ‘contemporary Pakistani song’ that could be played at a wedding? Netizens wasted no time sharing suggestions. After all sharing culture and wedding anthems are something we’re passionate about.

The tweet garnered more than 250 retweets, almost 2,900 likes, and 900-plus responses after just minutes of being posted. That number is still growing. (So go on and drop your suggestions)

While Jemima Goldsmith asked for a contemporary wedding anthem, these suggestions won’t just specifically be used by her. This thread is now a goldmine for wedding anthems as ‘Shadi season’ approaches. With the weather clearing up we’ll be looking at back-to-back weddings in no time.


Aside from the traditional idea of Pakistani pop songs. Some users even suggested his go-to Pushto wedding song. It’s contemporary, it’s pop music, and it’s definitely 100% Pakistani.



A similar suggestion was that of Shakar Wandaan from the 2017 movie Ho Maan Jahan. Definitely, one we’ve saved to our playlists.


Do covers count?


Then there were those that completely missed the memo. Like this guy who suggested an age-old Punjabi folk song called ‘Latthe di Chadar’. Of course, Punjabi folk songs and ‘sithniyan’ (that’s really what Punjabi wedding dialogue/song is called) bring a whole new flava to wedding festivities.


Even Chamkeeli, definitely that one!.



Others had some suggestions that we’ll call an ‘acquired taste’. Would you be open to maybe trying some of these at a wedding?


Like what were these people thinking suggesting this?


There were some unexpected winners though. Could totally jam to this.


Another great suggestion.



Do you have any suggestions the people of Twittersphere didn’t think of? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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