Lahore Arts Council Bans 30 ‘Vulgar’ Songs

In an attempt to stop the publicity of indecent content, artists have been directed to ensure ethical values.

Lahore Arts Council

Punjab has a history of banning songs that promote drugs, liquor, and or violence. This time, in an attempt to stop the publicity of such offensive and vulgar content, the Lahore Arts Council has banned 30 songs.

Artists at the theatre can now only perform to the approved songs. Moreover, they are also directed to keep ethical values in mind. Last year, PEMRA banned the ‘Gala Biscuit’ ad for its indecent content. The ad included bold dance moves and was stopped from airing by PEMRA.


All stakeholders are further advised to stop the rampant use of themes/content which does not correspond with the nature of the products.



For many years now, many Pakistani have been speaking up against vulgar songs and other content. In 2011, Lahore Arts Council also banned dance performances. Artists were only allowed to present classical forms of dancing. Moreover, all Bollywood songs and dances were banned by LAC.

Speaking on the matter, a spokesperson for LAC said:



How many films are made in Pakistan annually? From the handful that are made how many have songs that we can use in our plays? If we don’t have performances on Indian songs and cannot include any dance performances other than classical dance, then what are we left with.


On the bright side…

In other news, LAC also introduced 300 new online videos for music students in December 2020. Lahore Art’s Council called it a New Year gift for the students. The 300 videos include tutorials for guitar, sitar, violin, editing, painting, music, vocal, sculpture, flute, and tabla.


“Item Songs”

Many have been asking the authorities to put an end to “item songs” in the country. Netizens have been speaking against such content, saying it promotes vulgarity, sexuality, and indecent behavior.




Want to know which of the 30 songs were banned by Lahore Arts Council? Stay tuned for more updates on the news.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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