Mashal Khan Makes One Cool Bride [Pictures]

Suno Chanda famed Mashal Khan has really made a mark in the entertainment industry. With the popularity came endorsements.

In her recent photoshoot, the model-cum-actress donned Tena Durrani‘s bridal wear. Red or gold, this woman makes one badass bride, giving off those ‘you can’t make me‘ vibes.


Do You Know Suno Chanda’s Mashal Khan? Now You Do [Pictures]


We could even see the wolf tattoo on her ribcage peaking out. Wouldn’t be surprised if she opted for more practical footwear like sneakers under that dress.



Not to mention those toned arms of hers. Wouldn’t want to mess with that.



Maybe she’s teasing a  look from an upcoming project as she captioned her post;

“The Suicide Bridge’ -coming soon”


Mashal Khan And Ali Ansari Look Flawless Together [Pictures]



More About Mashal Khan

The actress has come a long way from her debut days. The former model debuted with the sit-com Suno Chanda back in 2018. Since then she has played the antagonist in Mere Humdum and Thora Sa Haq.

Her role as ‘Sonia‘ in Khaas is what really blew people away. This supporting character was very different compared to her generic role of an accidental antagonist caught in a love triangle. In fact Sonia was the only one brave enough to call out Amar’s narcissism in Khaas.

She also hosted Hum Tv’s travel show ‘Amazing Nordics‘. Her relationship with actor Ali Ansari just added to her growing fanbase.

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