Multiverse Madness: Sana Javed Has A Doppelgänger

The Ruswai starlet shares an uncanny resemblance with this social media influencer!

The multiverse madness continues as the internet finds the doppelgänger of actress Sana Javed! The Ruswai starlet shares an uncanny resemblance to this cheerful mommy blogger on social media.

Sana Javed is one of the most promising starlets of the Pakistani entertainment industry. The actress is quickly becoming a superstar of the industry with brilliant performances in drama serials such as Romeo Weds HeerRuswai, and Khaani. Sana hails from a family of artists. One after another, Sana’s siblings are making their debut in the entertainment industry. Recently, Sana tied the knot with popular singer and rock star Umair Jaswal. The newlywed couple continues to win over fans with their love for one another.

The gorgeous diva has more than six million followers on Instagram and it isn’t a surprise to see why. The 28-year-old is an active social media user as she shares regularly shares beautiful behind-the-scenes clicks with fans.

Recently, the internet being the internet, found the identical twin of the Ruswai star on social media. Netizens are on a quest to find the doppelgänger of every known showbiz celebrity and they hardly disappoint. The latest addition to the Pakistani doppelgänger series is Sana Javed. After scouring through the internet, netizens found Tahreem, a blogger and mother to a cute little girl, who has an uncanny resemblance to the Khaani star. Check it out!

It appears that the multiverse is definitely real! What do you think about Sana Javed’s doppelgänger? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.