Nadia Khan Finally Responds to Sharmila Faruqi’s Legal Threat, Addresses Viral Video

Nadia Khan is currently being bashed online for ridiculing Faruqi’s elderly mother

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After being bashed online for ridiculing Sharmila Farooqi’s mother Anisa Faruqui for her make-up, actress-cum-host Nadia Khan is now also looking at legal repercussions. Politician Sharmila Faruqui is now intent on clapping back with a lawsuit.

We’ve all seen the viral video of the Dolly Darling actress talking to Anisa about her make-up. She even went far as to ask who inspired the elderly woman to do her make-up that way, to which she responded Sharmila Faruqui.

Many felt that the host was poking fun of her. The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader didn’t take well to this and says Nadia Khan insulted her mother.

Sharmila Faruqui called Nadia Khan shameless and also launched a cybercrime complaint against her.

While the Zun Mureed actress had been hush about the legal development, she took to her vlog to address the matter. In the video, available on her YouTube channel, Nadia Khan stated that she’s posting this video to clear the air.

“I didn’t want to make this video but I came here for the sake of my fans and media fraternity. Faisal also urged me to stay away from it but Sharmila kept on posting about it, so I had to come”


She also said that she didn’t want anyone to talk about respected Madam Anisa Faruqui on social media.

Talking about that event and the vlog that landed her in hot waters Nadia Khan said,

“Let’s go to the event, everyone knows that I am a vlogger, the day I entered in the event, I was with the camera, I didn’t cover all the things but, I only focused on important personalities and Anisa Ji was one of them”.

The host kept asserting that she was nothing but respectful towards Anisa Faruqui

“Anisa took interest in me, she came to me, she introduced herself to me, I gave her respect, I met with sheer love, I just thought that she is elder what can I do for her and I just complimented her. I thought to praise her, we go to weddings we compliment ladies, I did it out of respect and I cheered her by heart. I admired her, she was happy too. I didn’t use a single offensive word.”

She even clapped back at those questioning her intentions.

“Those who are saying that the intention was bad should be ashamed as it is only Allah who knows about intention”.

Commenting on the cybercrime lawsuit against her, the actress stated that Sharmila Faruqui calling her ‘shameless’ is also a crime.

“Why did Sharmila used ‘shameless’ word for me, she insulted me by using this word, this is crime.”

She also questioned why the PPP leader painted her statements in a bad light. Why did she feel as though Nadia Khan was being sarcastic?

“I want to ask why did Sharmila take it wrong, instead she should have been happy, I just praised her mother, was that a lie, isn’t she beautiful? I loved her interests, her love for clothes and jewelry inspired me, I just praised her. It’s a 36 minute video, I only showered love upon her in those two minutes. I have learned to respect elder people, my way of respect is to to compliment them, how can Sharmila say that I was wrong?”

She also questioned why Sharmila talked about this online rather than directly talking to her about this if she felt a certain way.

Do you think this was just miscommunication? Or did you feel the vibe Sharmila Faruqui did? Let us know in the comments below.


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