Soch The Band Releases ‘Tera Deewana’ feat Imran Ashraf and Sadia Khan

Known for their upbeat groovy numbers, the band has struck the chords again and released a romantic ballad entitled ‘Tera Deewana’

The Pakistani music industry has no boundaries when it comes to quality, harmony, melody, and artistic flair. One of Pakistan’s most enduring music makers Soch The Band has dropped the debut of their new music video. They believe that their latest music venture would stand as paramount of the music world. Known for their upbeat groovy numbers, the band has struck the chords and released a romantic ballad entitled ‘Tera Deewana’ featuring Imran Ashraf and Sadia Khan.

Imran Ashraf with Sadia Khan makes amazing on-screen chemistry. Both depicted a performance full of emotions, dreams, and colors. The romantic bond they share is adding to the video’s silvery mantra.

Soch The Band has been consistently making exquisite music. We have repetitively watched ‘Awari’, obsessed over ‘Bol Hu’, grooved over ‘Dil Moam Ka Diya’, juked over ‘Bandeya’ and the streak goes on. The dynamic duo Rabi Ahmed and Adnan Dhool and their long artistic relationship have become visibly iconic. Both have treated their fans with some great back-to-back chartbusters. They have switched the gears from Sufi to a one-off romantic ballad.

Adnan’s strong vocals and Rabi’s magic on the strings have made their way into the hearts of many and gained their massive fan following. The band also got nominated at the IIfa Awards for ‘Awari’ amassing huge appreciation from fans worldwide.


With euphonious music composition, the band has upped the game for romantic music. ‘Tera Deewana’ creates a perfect blend of pop and emotions, the soulful track is manifesting significant romance, spurning all obstructions and penances everything for the sake of affection and love. The track manages to grip the listeners with powerful vocals, captivating music, and equally satiating lyrics. The song is directed by Adnan Kandhar and produced by Bilal Saeed.

While talking to Lens by Propakistani, the band revealed that

“It was one hell of a journey. Took a good two three months of hardwork to make the song followed by the video”

On asking about their expectations with the song

“It’s a dream of every artist that all their songs must hit the top charts but we are just hoping that all the fans would love it, since we have shifted from Sufi side to romantic, let’s see how they will take it”

The ballad has surely added a feather to the cap and we wish the band continues to release the new songs with their distinctive signature style.


Written by Mawra Tahir


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