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Sonehri Masjid Opens its Doors to Women After 25 Years

This is great news!


After two decades of concealment, Peshawar’s historic Sonehri Masjid (Golden Mosque) reopened its doors to women worshipers. Which means that women can now perform their congregation prayers with better security.

The authorities have also put up a banner outside the mosque which reads,

“Women are now welcomed to offer Friday prayer at Sunheri Masjid.”


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The Reason Behind its Closure

Twenty five years ago, when terrorist attacks and riots were on the rise, dozens of them took place near the mosque. This led to the authorities closing it down for women for security purposes.

In 2016, 16 people were killed and many were severely injured in a bomb blast which further led to its closure.

With improved law and order situation in the city, the authorities have now decided to open so that women can comfortably come and offer their prayers.

This move is being highly praised by the public on social media as it discourages the patriarchal views about places like mosques from where women are excluded.


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