YouTuber Mustafa Babar Humiliates Housekeepers and That’s Not OK [Video]

What happened here?

Pakistani content creator Mustafa Babar came under public scrutiny after one of his YouTube videos went viral.

Apparently, it was a ‘dare’ for one of his friends, where she had to ask out his housekeeper. The girl can be seen going after the housekeeper, flirting with him and saying that she wants to marry him.

The servant gets flustered obviously and refused her politely. However, the girl continued to complete her ‘dare’ and make him uncomfortable.

Mustafa Babar Gets Called Out

Netizens started noticing how inappropriate it was and pointed out that this was plain harassment on the girl’s part. Some even said that they were fully aware of what they were doing for the sake of viewership. If the roles were switched, we know how far it could’ve gone.

What is even more problematic is that Mustafa and his ‘squad’ weren’t even considerate enough to refer to him politely. The use of the word ‘kaam wala’ shows utter disrespect and discrimination towards a specific social class.

People also pointed out that one could expect such content from Mustafa and his friends who are nothing but a bunch of privileged brats trying to get attention by spreading toxicity.

The video has been taken down, but only after he was called out for it. However, neither Mustafa, nor his friends have apologized for their behavior or explain their side of the story.


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Mustafa needs to apologize

People really think that this was below the belt and not something you can call ‘entertainment’. It wasn’t funny but rather a dehumanizing act for the sake of getting noticed.

Mustafa Babar really needs to educate himself that this is no laughing matter and we don’t enjoy his ‘sense of humor’. Harassment is a serious issue and it concerns everybody, regardless of their gender or social status.


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