Zarnish Khan Gets a Birthday Surprise From Hubby [Pictures]

This looks super cute.

Zarnish Khan

Zarnish Khan just had a little birthday celebration and turns out, it was actually arranged by her dear husband.

Many people get shocked when they find out that she is married because Zarnish doesn’t talk about it very often.

She got married to her cousin when she was 17 and joined the entertainment industry later. We don’t see her wedding photos on the internet and the actress herself keeps her personal life away from the spotlight. This is why many people don’t know that she is already a happily married woman.

In case you are wondering, this is the man whom she is married to.

And this very man, recently gave a birthday surprise to his beautiful wifey.

Zarnish Khan shared the pictures from her golden birthday party yesterday and revealed that her husband did all of it while she was away from home. Apparently, leaving the home in the first place wasn’t her choice, she was rather sent away.

But when she came back, her house was beautifully decorated with golden and orange balloons and two gorgeous cakes were waiting for her.

 “When your husband sends you away from home saying he has work and you’re assuming it’s something shady but it turns out to be a surprise!! Lol. Thanks my love for such a wonderful surprise.”


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Let’s check out all the lovely photographs from this surprise event.


Zarnish Khan is Drop Dead Gorgeous as Ever! [Pictures]


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