What kind of content do you publish?

We are primarily looking to publish articles on topics related to Pakistan. While we accept submissions on any topic, we require them to be unbiased, fact-based, and objective. Articles should be informative, thoughtful, and convey ideas backed by numbers and authentic sources.

What kind of content do you not publish?

We have a strict policy against press releases or anything that is written to promote a product, service, brand, political party, NGO or politician. We are looking for primary content and that means no rewritten and rehashed content.

What should be the length of the article?

The content can be as short or as long as necessary to do justice to the topic but generally, we prefer entries that are over 750 words as we are looking for long-form and thoughtful content. We are open to making exceptions for extraordinary content.

Keep the following things in mind while submitting an entry.

  • Send your content in a Google Doc and make sure the sharing settings are set to “Anyone with the link can view/edit”.
  • If you’re sending photos, please attach them as separate files and ensure that their source links are attached.
  • Please include a bio (less than 100 words) and a photo of yourself.
  • We do not accept content that has been published elsewhere..

Email us your contributions at [email protected]