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South Asia’s Chatur: Goswami’s WhatApp Leaks Humiliate India Again

It was the year 2009 when the movie “3 Idiots” came out. There was a character, Chatur aka ‘Silencer’ in the movie who was portrayed as a typical ‘good student’ who has crammed his way to the top. But later it turned out that despite being capable of performing quite well on his own, he goes the extra mile to make the life of other students a bit difficult. In the end, everyone in the college became aware of Chatur’s schemes and all his efforts went in vain as he couldn’t even become the best student either.

With every passing day, it becomes more and more apparent that India is basically living the life of Silencer; capable of providing its people with a comfortable lifestyle. Instead, it spends all its people’s tax money on raising conspiracies, blaming its neighbors for all disturbance in the region, and when all of their schemes get exposed, find someone else to blame, “It wasn’t me! Raajjuuu”.

The start of the year 2019 was quite an exciting one for both Pakistan and India as a vehicle convoy carrying security personnel was attacked at Lethpora in the Pulwama district. India, as usual, blamed Pakistan and conducted a very famous surgical strike where they were able to harm a dozen trees, getting mocked by the whole world in the process. Pakistan denied any involvement in the matter and later, just to teach the Indians how a country’s Air Force should operate, shot down two of their MiGs violating our airspace and since they were now in the land of the hospitable, a ‘fantastic’ tea was served. `

Now, after about two years since the incident, India’s sickening intentions have once again been exposed while Pakistan’s stance on the Pulwama attack has been proven true. As per the recent evidence, it’s quite clear that the Indian government killed its troops in the Pulwama attack and blamed Pakistan while the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi kept shedding crocodile tears on the bodies of 40 Indian soldiers he murdered.

According to Indian media itself, a journalist close to the Modi government was not only aware of the Pulwama attack and the Balakot incursion but also even reported the news three days before the actual incident. This journalist is none other than the highly controversial Arnab Goswami, whose leaked Whatsapp chat with the CEO of Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) has yet again exposed India’s conspiracies to the world.

According to the leaks, Goswami was aware of the high-level decisions taken by the Indian government, and thus, it’s quite clear how high-level military decisions in India get circulated throughout the country, exposing the lack of seriousness in India’s national security agencies and decision-making. As with the Balakot attack, Goswami was also aware of the annulment of article 370 and he has used such news to increase the ratings of his TV channel, in collaboration with the BARC head.

Let’s have a look at what happened. On February 23, 2019, Goswami predicted that there would be an extra-ordinary operation against Pakistan. He told the Indian public that the Modi government wanted to take action against Pakistan and interestingly right after the Balakot attack, Goswami told the BARC chief that further action would be taken. Any educated person can understand that Goswami is being supplied with such news directly from the PM office. Further digging the leaks reveal that Goswami wanted to follow CNN’s Iraq coverage on his channel and his Indian nationalism was just an excuse to get TRP, and yet, the Indian decision-makers continued being played right into the hands of this anchor.

Indian professor Ashok Swain has already declared the Pulwama incident as nothing but a drama. According to him, Modi did the same thing in Pulwama as he did in Gujarat in 2002, just to garner votes. This incident has exposed Modi’s obnoxious intentions and Indian conspiratorial policy to the world yet again.

It is clear that the Modi government is based on nothing but lies. Modi, who climbed the political ladder by shedding the blood of his people to gain power, who is holding the reins of politics through the efforts of his soldiers, is persistent to throw the world into a nuclear war by blaming Pakistan and is a constant threat to the world peace. The world has to take notice of Modi and India has to take notice of internal and external terrorism before it’s too late.


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