Here’s How You Can Market Your Business on Uber & Careem for Free

By Ashar Jamil

Yes, you heard me right. You can literally market your business on Uber and Careem for free. And here’s how.

I read an article a few days back on Forbes by Jon Youshaei, although it was old but still very persuasive. Its title alone can open your eyes;  “How an Uber driver makes $252,000 a year”.

This article explained the story of an Uber driver, Gavin Escolar, who uses his rides to pitch his online jewelry business to his passengers. Through this strategy, he is approximately earning $18,000 per month from selling jewelry to his passengers, in addition to the $3,000 a month from driving Uber.

So basically he has no physical shop. He just has a website. He places few of his products on his car in hopes that his passengers may notice them, if they do, then he tells them about his business and tries to sell them the products.

Here’s how can you do it too.

Become an Uberpreneur or Careempreneur!

  • Place your products on your car’s dashboard or back seat. Anywhere where they are easily noticeable. Escolar displays his jewelry in his car so that passenger might observe and ask him about his products.
  • If your passenger seems interested in a conversation then you may do the sales pitch and it should be natural.
  • Always keep portfolio or business card in your car which you can handover to your passenger if he/she seems interested.

Another Method to Earn Money

Another idea that has emerged in my mind is that if someone is operating a fleet of cars then he may take advertising campaigns from companies who want their business to be advertised. This may be a win-win situation for both parties. This concept has potential to become a cheap advertising platform for businesses and an extra income opportunity for Uber and Careem drivers.

About the Author: Ashar Jamil is a marketing consultant, graphic designer, founder of PoondiApp, and editor-in-chief of ViewStorm.

  • Bhai ye free to na hua, pehle bnda ghari le, phir careem/uber captain bny, hadd ha bai.
    Ye to wo baat ho gai, 2500 ka internet pkg krwao phir check kro to likha ata ha
    ‘free internet remaining : 50gb’

    • Bhai zaroori nahi hai aap ye sab lekar market karo.
      Direct aap Uber ya Careem k captain ko reach kro aur start krdo apni marketing. Percentage pe kaam krlo, captain ko jo bhi oper milay ga woh extra hi hai uskay liay since ussay kuch nahi karna.

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