Other Side of the Story: Are Uber & Careem Playing Fair in Pakistan?

by Azeem Yaseen

A few days ago, news broke out that the Provincial Govts of Punjab and Sindh had decided to ban Careem and Uber. The reaction from the general public was immediate. These ride hailing services have greatly increased mobility for Pakistanis and there was outrage on why they were being banned by the government.

The reasoning for the move by the Government was suspect since public transport is in a sorry state of affairs in Pakistan. Bans on services like these are counter productive and rightly so, the High Court barred the Govt from any action against Uber and Careem.

Soon after the entire episode, Careem and Uber both started to get very positive media coverage and the MD of Careem started showing up on majority of media channels. However in his interviews, he revealed some very important points which, as an independent audience member and a person associated with Fin-tech sector, made me think…and I started connecting the dots.

Junaid Iqbal mentioned that Careem is a 100% Pakistani product and we should be proud of that. The MD also said that the ride sharing is a novel concept and regulation for it is in nascent stages. I agree with the sentiment and the Govt needs to work out a regulatory framework for ride sharing apps and similar services.

However, when you ask the Government to form new regulations, I don’t think it is asking too much for you to follow the currently existing ones. Why am I saying this?

  • The SECP mandates all companies registered in Pakistan to share all information about offshore companies.
  • There is an annual corporate tax that any and all organisations have to pay to Govt annually and it is 34% as of now.
  • On all transactions being done in a Pakistan based payment gateway, FED is paid out to Govt.

Let’s take a typical use-case of a ride in Careem – paid out in cash

Passenger opens up app, books a ride. captain receives cash. The typical split on every ride is 20/80. So 20% of the total ride goes to Careem. The captain pays it to Careem.

Making some simple calculations:

Let’s say Careem have 2,000 cars in Karachi and every car takes around 10 rides with average ticket size of 300 PKR. It will mean a total of PKR 6 million in daily earnings.

Out of the 6 million total amount, 1.2 million is Careem’s revenue in a single day. Multiply it by 3 i.e. KLI (Karachi,Lahore,Islamabad) and you get 3.6 million. That means the company’s monthly revenue is 108 Million PKR.

Multiply that by 12 and you get a yearly revenue of 1,296 Million PKR.

Let’s say Careem’s spends 500 Million PKR on operations per year which includes salaries, servers and other costs.  That leaves 796 million revenue on which Careem would have to pay a corporate tax @ 34%, which comes out to be around 270.64 million PKR.

I want to clarify that the estimates that I have taken above are very low and just for the sake of simplicity.

Ok, so 27.064 Crores would be the Net Tax liability of Careem. Does Careem actually pay this much amount to FBR is an important point to ponder. In my research, the top tax payers list of FBR doesn’t show Careem Networks.

That’s not all. Our media was abuzz with the news when Careem raised 350 million. This raises a big question: If Operations & Technology for Careem are 100% Pakistani or based out of Pakistan (like they market it), why did the $350 million go into its Middle East arm?

Still our govt is more concerned about the registration of the cars. It’s a pity really.

Now let’s take an example of a little complex use-case – Payment via Credit Card.

Passenger open up app, books a ride and the payment is done via Credit Card.

It’s the same process as when I order a pizza from Pizza Hut. Or is it?

To understand where the difference lies, we first have to understand the dynamics of eCommerce payments.

Three key entities are involved in a typical eCommerce transactions

  • Issuer ( The Bank which issues card to customer )
  • Acquirer ( The Bank which give a facility to merchant in order to charge other customers )
  • Payment schemes ( VISA / MC / Unionpay )

In a typical eCommerce transaction, an Issuer Customer is charged and the amount goes to Acquiring merchant account

The above scheme of things allows a typical transaction to occur in a cross border environment i.e. Merchant can be sitting in Paris (Europe) while customer is in Pakistan and the money goes from Pakistan to Europe in just a few clicks.

Coming back to our point of buying a pizza from Pizza hut. The transaction being done on Pizza Hut is completely different. MCR Private Ltd have an account in Pakistan and a Merchant account in Pakistan. So for every transaction occurring on the Pizza Hut application or website has FED directly deducted out of it.

Talking about Careem, the transactions get done on some international payment gateway which transfers money out of Pakistan and the trail is completely invisible for the tax authorities in Pakistan. For the transaction to be part of corporate tax, it has to be processed within Pakistan.

In the case of Uber. it uses an EU payment gateway for processing all transactions in Europe, Stripe in USA for processing all transactions and Paytm in India (Yes, Indian Government has mandated them to use a local payment gateway for transactions within the country.)

While I am in no way suggesting that these companies select a local payment gateway, the Government should be provided more transparency so that the local economy is strengthened.

Are Drivers Taxed for the Income?

We know that drivers, captains or whatever you call them, earn well north of PKR 50,000 (over 100k in some cases) and they are not taxed for this income.

The only applicable tax is a 10 percent flat tax rate for freelancers as Careem or Uber don’t employ these drivers; instead, they treat them as freelancers. While regulating these ride hailing services, I hope that government will ensure that everyone is taxed on equal grounds.

To sum it up, there is no doubt that these services provide jobs. But at the same time, high tech companies also have a greater corporate responsibility. Hopefully, they live up to that and play fair in Pakistan.

The author is Head of Software Development at Monet Pvt Ltd. 

Note: Uber and Careem declined to comment on the story. 

Disclaimer: The views & opinions expressed in this or any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest authors’ and do not necessarily reflect the opinions & views of ProPakistani as a whole. 

  • Asad Umrani Baloch

    yeah. it is right to get them taxed for the income they earned

    • Geek At Large

      Given the obscene cost of living in Pakistan, unfavorable business environment and the fact that these services are creating thousands of jobs and affordable convenience for millions while operating at a loss, I’d suggest government provide them with subsidies.

      • Ishtiaq

        You have hit the bell geek. Good one.

      • Ishtiaq

        Author nay jis kisi say bhi article likhwaya hai apnay naam se, I’m sure khode bhi nahi perha hoga article guest author nay. Ishaq Dar walay jhoothay aadaad o shumaar (numbers) leke chapwa diya article.

      • Wolverine

        Bhai loss ho ya profit. Ye govt. ka headache nhi hai. Ab jis baat pe hum politicians ko criticise krte hain usi pe inn Taxi walon ki side Q le rahe hain? Or agar unfavourable Environmnt hota to wo yahan launch hi na krte.

      • Kashif

        No Business Runs in Loss. You must be out of your mind to think like that.

        • Jalees

          Business runs in loss, on the hope to get profitable in future.

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        Could you please define how they are “operating at loss?”

  • Anwer Khan

    Have you even done a little bit of research on how Careem and Uber are working in Pakistan so far and if they are actually making any money at all ? You have made it seem so simple and lucrative sitting on your laptop. Please go to any driver or vendor of Careem/Uber whose cars are running under their Umbrella and ask if they have actually paid anything back to them ever. The answer will be No in almost all cases. Reason they are still offering bonuses to both the Captain and Vendor and those bonuses are more than the 20% share that they are supposed to get so their 20% ets adjusted against those bonuses and they actually pay extra to the vendor/captain instead of getting any money from them. In short they are still running in loss. As you can expect from any new company in it’s first year of operations.

    • Owais Sultan

      Do you really know why they offer bonuses? It’s for working overtime no for the normal hours!

      • Umar Majeed

        Owais they pay bonuses out of their pocket, where do you think millions of dollar they raise go? they go into creating addictive experiences and disrupting market quickly by paying lucrative incentives to car owners.

        • Ishtiaq

          Not only that but they also pay incentives to riders in shape of promos like Rs. 100 flat rate etc. So who pays the 300 extra of the rides? Of course companies.

        • Owais Sultan

          Oh really! They pay out of their pockets? See, no co-orporation does nothing for free and these bonuses are paid out of overtime hours these drivers work for!

    • Wolverine

      Its not the headache of the govt. of any country. Govt. tax all equally. All other countries tax these services as mentioned in article. Why don’t us?

      • Taha Najam

        Because the governments in those other countries aren’t as inept as ours, and have provided their citizens with a reasonable transport infrastructure. When our government does the same, they can tax these services all they want, but in the meantime, they should thank them for doing what’s essentially the government’s responsibility.

        • Wolverine


    • Kashif

      lolzz wow you are a genius , worked everything out already? Now Imagine you are an investor who has given millions of dollars to the company called Careem to develop the business and return the investment to the investors may be paying him back in millions, how would you feel if you find out that your money is being handed out to the “Vendors and Captains” free of charge? lolzz
      Didn’t think of that did you?

      First Rule of Business:
      No Business Runs in Loss on the Investor’s Money

      First Rule of Investment:
      Never Invest in the Business whose plan is to run in the loss.

      Now go back to school and do your year 10 again.

      • Investopedia

        You need to learn how startup funding works.

  • Arsalan

    Rules are Rules…very bad filling own pockets …

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    There will be so many dumb a$$es who will comment under this article without knowing anything regarding tax and corporate affairs.
    I don’t know how it all works, so I rest my opinion. Let Govt formulating regulations for ride hailing services.

  • Rasheed Ibrahim

    Welcome to every one.

  • Ye Itna Profit Sirf Pakistan Government Ki Wajh Se Ho Raha Hai

    Thank Mian Sahab Ki Government !

    Free Ki Advertisment Jo Ho Gayi Hamari !

    Warm Regards
    Uber Or Careem

  • Mossawir

    Well written article. I was wondering that. Every coin has two sides.

    • Geek At Large

      This is not a “side”, it’s all speculation and assumption and a very naive and uninformed one at that.

      • Maham Ahmed

        You are vehemently correcting everyone, I can see you have blind loyality towards these two companies. The fact of the matter is, they are earning huge profits by using overseas links (that’s how most mncs make ludicrous amount of money) and this author is simply calling on it. Our government didn’t even see this important angle, which is a pity. Now coming back to you, judging by the email Careem has sent with its ‘make Pakistan great again ‘ motto and a plan for ‘future’ investment I’d say Careem has a solid grip on online happenings. With your dedication and consistency, you could very well be planted by them. If that is so, then it goes to prove the legitimacy of what he’s saying. No one would be that rattled unless there is some truth to the allegations.

  • Abu Zaid

    Good point, but even if we agree with everything what the author has said, the correct course of action would be for the FBR to send them a Notice (if they are not filling their taxes) like they do with every other business and then see how the respond and so on. Not a blanket ban on the services.

    • Ali

      Exactly, the author should have pointed this out instead of writing an article in support of ban on these companies…. the correct way to act was through FBR not arresting n impounding people n their cars. One can say that the author was being baised.

      • Azeem Yaseen

        Hello Abu / Ali,

        I actually wrote this article on my linkedin feed, By no means i intended to say that Govt should blocked these services out. The point that i wanted to make is that Govt have come up with a very weird reason of forcing a ban.

        The point that i wanted to raise was .

        1. In a typical transaction done by a Pvt company on every transaction their exists a withholding tax through which Govt earns , But in case of these cab services their are no withholding agents so these companies bare the responsibility of showing correct figures to FBR. The mere fact that they are using international payment gateway changes the whole scheme of things they could say out-rightly that yes we use international payment gateway but all of the money that we collect are reported to FBR.

        2. This money that they collect from pakistan can be reconciled through reports which is easily available with SBP, They can bifurcate it via Merchant / Terminal ID.

        3. They have raised 350 Million USD and have publicly announced that they will invest 150 million USD in pakistan.

        I wanted to emphasize the fact two wrong don’t make one right !

  • Taha Najam

    Nice job coming up with those figures out of your behind. A little bit of googling would have revealed that these services are actually operating at a loss.

    But screw all that, the government can go ahead and tax these services to oblivion, *if* it guarantees an operational transport infrastructure to every citizen, as is their responsibility. If the only things these taxes will do is make some politicians more rich, while making these services unaffordable for a lot of people, then they can respectably eff off.

    What the government should really do is award these services, preferably in the form of waiving taxes like they do for their “friends”, for bringing their services, and in turn investments; job opportunities; modernization; a safe, affordable and luxury means of transportation, to Pakistan. These companies have done more for the average citizen than any government in 69 year history of this country. And shame on them for trying to repay them like this.

  • Mubashir Mahmood

    I am sure that Government is not banning Uber and Careem for this…
    They only want is their commission…
    Must tax those who are influentials

  • Seth. are you sure captains are earning 50k per month ?

    • Taha Najam

      Who’s Seth?

  • Umar nazir

    Its not a Pakistani product its dubai based.

  • Muhammad Rohan Saeed

    Uber and careem both are paying to vendors and drivers, so how they are getting profits, nonsense article

    • Coz they keep 25% to 30% of that revenue to themselves. It is not a non-profit company. LOL.

      • Muhammad Rohan Saeed

        Are you Uber or careem partner? I guess not that’s why you making that statement. Every company is there to make money but like Uber and careem at initial stages they are making loss and but after some months or years they make profits for sure, but right now they are in loss

  • Finally, someone raised a sensible and I must say pretty obvious question. Why do we pay tax if Uber/Careem do not? Do they? Would love to see the proof of it. Also, their SMS spam should be regulated!

    • Hassam Tahir

      Uber and Careem are not required to prove they pay tax. They are protected by law. Your accounts are private and confidential

  • Ismaeel

    3.9×3=10.8M not 108M
    This article is written in frustration.
    10.8×12=129.6M not 1296M
    Bhai Math to kar letay FBR k chairman.

    • Waheed Naeem


    • aamir7

      2000 (cars) x 10 (rides a day) x 300 (average ride fee) == 6 Million (Daily Earnings)
      Careem / Uber Share: Rs. 1.2 Million (20%)
      1.2 million (per day earnings) x 3 (for Karachi, Lahore, Isb) x 360 (days of an year) == Million 1,296

    • Syed Saqlain Asghar

      You should calculate again Ismaeel :). The above calculation by author shows 3.6 M for 3 cities and than monthly calculation will be 3.6 M x 30 = 108 M.

  • Vertigo404

    How about we cut the f00king subsidy on Metro Bus service in Pakistan and give that subsidy to Careem and Uber for providing a million times better transport service which the f00king ugly illiterate bureaucrats could not provide to this nation in past 50 years. If the stupid Metro bus service, which only benefits a small section of the city, can get billions in subsidy then why cant we do same for these companies who are efficiently doing their job of providing amazing transport service. F00K you writer and F00k the government, you shameless boot licker! You have no morals and you don’t speak for the public but the master who is feeding bones into your mouth. Lanat on you and all your likes.

  • Vertigo404

    How about we cut the subsidy on Metro Bus service in Pakistan and give that subsidy to Careem and Uber for providing a million times better transport service which the illiterate bureaucrats could not provide to this nation in past 50 years. If the stupid Metro bus service, which only benefits a small section of the city, can get billions in subsidy then why cant we do same for these companies who are efficiently doing their job of providing amazing transport service.

    • Ishtiaq


  • mahmood butt

    it is
    the moral responsibility of both Firms to come out clean on this issue. by nnot responding , they will enhance doubts about the transparency of their Business

    • Taha Najam

      They have responded on popular media. ProPakistani is not one of them.

  • Faisal

    What about the bf who come and take their gfs on date at the click of button?

  • Karachitte

    Foodpanda’s app also process payments from a EU payment gateway. I recall seeing Foodpanda cc payments on the monthly report in foreign currency (probably Netherlands, not sure), so i don’t think having a foreign payment gateway is a big issue. Even local banks send the transactions for verifications to Dubai for Visa and MasterCard, so i think the author is slightly misleading the reader.
    Also, Visa and MasterCard are very specific about payment processing through their brands and that’s why Visa processes thousands of payments per second from all over the globe. Which means majority payments made via credit card actually go outside Pakistan for verification and processing.

    • Azeem Yaseen

      I certainly agree to it, Majority of online transactions goes to international companies , The point that i wanted to make is that. Services like Foodpanda , careem , uber are rendering their services in pakistan and have an established business entities here in pakistan. Do they actually report the revenue they earn out of pakistan to FBR through international payment gateways?

      SBP /SECP/FBR have to think through about this new genre of business showing up so that the economy is boosted respectively.

      • Karachitte

        I completely agree about the point of reporting actual earnings, including those payments processed via foreign payment gateways, to FBR.
        And I certainly like to believe, please correct me if I am wrong, that the payments made via credit cards issued from a local bank are automatically tracked by banks. Which means even if the companies try to hide their earnings, they cannot hide the digital footprint of transactions left behind that can be tracked via banks themselves. I do not know if FBR does investigate corporate earnings this way but if it doesn’t and these companies do not report these earnings, then we certainly have a problem.

        • Azeem Yaseen

          You’re certainly right that the digital footprint cannot be removed. FBR does not have any regulatory framework to investigate transactions like this. They will have to get it from SBP which is an independent organisation with in Govt ambit.

          FBR can fetch a transaction of a particular bank account from SBP but they cannot ask them to give all transactions done to a particular merchant because it would require SBP to have a data repository of all transaction being done in Pakistan. Which i don’t think they hold up they have summarized data but they can certainly ask for all the data from bank and provide it to FBR.

  • Government ko tax de bhi diya to Govt. ne kya bhala kar dena he awam ka. Baray baray politicians ke mehal banein ge in tax ke peson se aor kya ho ga…

  • Adeel Asif Janjua

    One should not give a single rupee tax until PM stops useless and lavish foreign trips with 250 friends and family members, until PM stops eating 34 lac dinner, until corrupt and haramkhor bureaucracy stops abusing public tax money on cars and petrol. It’s not my headache how this shit political system runs.

  • Arif M

    10% flat tax paid by Careem/Uber drivers is not a small amount.

    On top of that, we all know that there are many indirect taxes that Govt. collects. Take example of tax on fuel which these cars use.

    Now lets take example of Metro or upcoming orange train. How much tax these services are paying to GOVT.??? As far as I know they run on subsidies and do not pay ANY tax. Orange line got billions in tax exemptions even on equipment import.

    • Kashif

      its not 10% its 17% as GST you have to pay to the govt and then the remaining balance will be taxed as income tax.

    • Hassam Tahir

      Metro is for the lowest in our social class system. You want to put tax on them?

  • Carl

    Our gormint, putting millions & billions subsidiary to make green line buses/ metro buses/orange train for the sake of their cutt.. but why you people make the issue if Careem/Uber provide the platform to unemployed person to drive and earn. why don’t intimate these regulations at the time of launching services in Pakistan.

    Is our PM paid their taxes, if yes than what is panama leaks(offshore Companies)?

    Monet Pvt Limted “the payment gateway solution provider” seems fail to sale their mPOS devices that’s why he wrote this article to reduce their frustration.

    is our Kali Peeli taxi’s/Rakshaw/Buses driver pay taxes on their earnings? even-though MetroCab/WhiteCab/Vintage pay taxes on their earnings? unbranded transport mafia like Suzuki Pickup/Trucks/tankers pays taxes on their earnings?”Hosh key Nakhun loo mian”.

    Make fair regulation first and then implement on all sector instead of only for Careem/Uber.

  • Kashif

    Very well researched and accurate information. This and all other app business are in profit. No business runs in loss, but the bad part is that Pakistan doesn’t have a legislation to tax these organisation because as per legislation they don’t exist. Under THE PROVINCIAL MOTOR VEHICLES ORDINANCE, 1965 and The Motor Vehicles Act, 1939, none of these APP BASED third party taxi lead generation companies exists. There is no department where you can go and ask for the license to run an APP BASED Taxi Company. The nightmare politicians now have is to write the Policy document to govern and tax these overseas entities who are sitting overseas and running it in Pakistan. Pakistan govt think they can write a letter to PTA and block the app? lolzz yeh dream on, Australia has tried it and failed. Any thing needed to be banned completely needs an order from Supreme Court of Pakistan for them to stop operating with in the Jurisdiction of Pakistan.
    The author is 100% accurate in projecting the profit, Pakistan needs to catch up in the legislation introduction like all other part of the world.
    Pakistanis who think that Careem is running in loss have no idea how businesses works.

    • Hassam Tahir

      There is. It’s called the Securities and exchange commission of Pakistan. Careem and Uber are both registered under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 and our taxed under the Income tax Ordinance, 2001

      • Kashif

        wow, did you manage to find out the company name as well which they are registered under and what was the amount they paid as a tax last financial year :) or we will find it out from Panama Leaks as well lolz?

        • Hassam Tahir

          They are private limited companies which means by law they have the right to keep their records and tax paid secret and not disclose it :)

          • Kashif

            So Your answer is NO you have no knowledge if they are paying taxes or not.
            And you have no clue what “Company Name” they have registered with SECP to operate in Pakistan, every thing is SECRET but you are here to tell us that they are paying taxes. You must be James Bond.

            • Hassam Tahir

              I never said they are paying taxes or not. They are taxed under the income tax ordinance whether they actually are paying or not is something between FBR and them.

              • Kashif

                This is the reason you should not open your mouth in the conversation which is above your intelligence level. I never said they are not registered in SECP, I said they do not exist in the Legislations which governs the Taxi Industry. That means you have no way of getting a license to run a third party lead generation Taxi App Company. Every industry and entity type has Tax Concessions and when the industry licensing legislation do not exist then there is no license to work. Hence they are considered illegal organisations and TAX OFFICE CAN NOT TAX THE ILLEGAL ORGANISATION. Just because you are “Private” Limited doesn’t mean you are also allowed to work in the certain industry with out license. Otherwise we would all open our own banks.
                You should read the whole article before try to look all knowing.

                • Hassam Tahir


                  Basic principle of law. Unless the law specfically prohibits it or provides legislature to regulate or lisense it you can carry out any business. It’s on the effin ‘basic human rights’ articles of our Constitution.

                  Uptill the government specifically bans ride sharing apps or makes laws to lisense ride sharing businesses. They are completely legal, regardless if they are registered with the SECP or not. (as long as they do not meet the minimum registration requirements under the companies ordinance, which even in that case it is up to the courts or SECP to force them to register )

                  And every company/person registered or otherwise is taxed. Taxes are on profits. Regardless of what the business is.

                  • Kashif

                    Instead of doing the hawai firing and trying to prove yourself right, go and read the legislation, please read. Quran ka phela lafaz bhee IQRA hee thaa, jakay parho legislation aur phir baat karo.

                    • Hassam Tahir

                      True true. So follow your own advice and go read article 19 ;)

                    • Kashif

                      Article 19 of what? American Constitution?
                      if you want some one to read the specific thing, you are supposed to provide the link.

                    • Hassam Tahir

                      basic knowledge of law would tell you ‘articles’ is used for the constitution and basic common sense would guide it’s the Pakistani constitution

                    • Kashif

                      WOW, so basically you have no real answer and now you want to resort to the “Freedom of speech” which makes no sense cos again it has nothing to do with my article.
                      You are a Genius who has no clue why he started the whole B U L L S H I T Argument. Have a nice day.

  • MIS

    one of the driver took almost 40 rupees extra of the original receipt…and there is no way one can claim.

    • Hassam Tahir

      there is. report to careem/uber. Happened once in Uber with me too. I got refunded

  • XeonFX

    LOL , 2.6 Million tax banta hai, writer nay 2.6 Million ko 27.06 Cror bana deya, wah bhi wah kaya baat hai…
    3.3 x 3 = 10.8 , Writer nay 108 Million bana deya, uper say usay 12 say multiply b kar deya…
    Kaya ho gaya hai aj kal kay writers and proof readers ko…
    Aur ik or cheez, Uber and Carrem are in investment phase they are not making money they are infact burning cash in these services. But when they capture the whole market and local taxi is vanished like USA etc. they will strike and the rates will be higher and peoples will have only choice to use these services.

  • Na roo munna

    حب الوطنی پر بڑی بڑی باتیں کرتے ہیں… عمل کا ٹائم آتا ہے تو رونا دھونا شروع
    جلد یا بدیر ٹیکس نیٹ میں آنا ہوگا

  • Irfan

    Is it time to launch a Tax paying ride service

  • Hassam Tahir

    The current tax rate is 32%

  • Patriotic Pakistani

    aik bat bta do bhaiya…
    ye uber aur careem ke rates hamesha aise rhien ge ya kabhi increase hon ge?

  • ArsH Ali

    Uber and careem has given a relief, security and respect to those familes whom dnt have their own cars, which the govts cudnt do it in 70 years…!! Instead of keeping eye on their income we should b thankful atleast

  • Zia Saleem

    Has Monet Pvt Ltd fired this guy yet?

  • I would like to give a piece of my mind to the author. You have made a case of creem not paying its due share of taxes. Other than the employed class of people who have their tax deducted at source how many Pakistani businesses are paying their fair share? Starting from the top Nawaz Sharif receives millions of ruppees in gifts from his sons and how much tax did he pay? How many jobs did he create except those for his family and party faithful, like Ishaq Dar. Creem has created opportunities for investors, employment for thousands, and immeasurable convenience for the travelling public. Decent airconditioned cars, no need to haggle, get the ride on your door step and fair in most lower than the damn Richshaws. Give the consumer a break let bureaucrats be damned.
    Peddle this kind of misplaced patriotism to other places like the entire agricultural sector that receives subsidies and pays not a dime in taxes, national and provincial assemblies are full of these tax evaders. As for the rest of us paying the tax, here is a thought for you. I just bought a 2012 japanese import FOB price of US$1000, total excise customs duties and other charges US$6550. That is robbery and cost of protecting domestically produced inferior, over priced worthless clunkers. Shut these factories down and let free trade reign supreme. We are tired of paying US$ prices for all the commodities and get paid measely wages for our skills and labour.

  • Mohammad Mohsin

    “The typical split on every ride is 20/80. So 20% of the total ride goes to Careem. The captain pays it to Careem.”
    Do some research before jotting down s***.

  • nomi

    International company has costs spread over different countries and revenues in different countries. They pay taxes where there are based. This is good logic to bring advantage to country that create good conditions for good companies growth and have mature enough human resource that “do their job”. Also these companies provide job/living and give good service to humanity in term of progress. Home country deserves to be paid taxes. Now Pakistanis has no global level good company. This happens when people are inherently dishonest and do not do their job and have no clue how to work in technology companies. Also mafia professors in universities kill industry academia colloboration possibilit.Then you claim why they are earning here, do not pay taxes and put duties on foreign goods. place do not deserve any tax. I think
    Pakistanis deserve rickshaw.

  • Basit Malik

    Dear researcher your research regarding earning careem is totally wrong just please explain about a simple question.
    If caption earns 18k or 22k how much careem earning menz 20% and how much cick back to caption in shape of caption and vendor bonus?

  • Basit Malik

    Dear researcher your research regarding earning careem is totally wrong just please explain about a simple question.
    If caption earns 18k or 22k how much careem earning menz 20% and how much kick back to caption and vendor in shape of bonus?
    Earing =22k
    Careem 20%=4400
    Caption bonus =5000
    Vendor bonus =5000
    Total loss to careem per caption =6600

  • Jalees

    @azeemyaseen:disqus, drivers pay tax on ‘daily guarantee and weekly bonus’ as they are provided through banks by raid hailing company.