ProPropertyNewsAdministration Urges Revenue Department to Expedite Land Record Digitization Process

Administration Urges Revenue Department to Expedite Land Record Digitization Process

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi District Administration has called on the revenue department to complete the manual inventory of land records by the end of February.

According to sources, this direction was issued to end the outdated patwarkhana system and reduce the chances of tampering with the records.

Furthermore, the revenue officials have been warned that cases will be filed against them if the deadline is not met.

The new Rawalpindi Division Commissioner, Liaquat Ali Chattha, has taken notice of the lack of progress and incompetence in the revenue department across all 6 districts.

It is worth mentioning that the Punjab government has been provided with the resources 8 years ago to digitize land records, and offices were also set up at various locations, but millions of citizens are still struggling with buying and selling properties due to the inefficiency of the revenue department.

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Besides, manual work increases the risk of corruption and tampering with records, considering that the Rawalpindi commissioner has set a deadline for the manual inventory of land records and is closely monitoring the progress.

Additionally, the deputy commissioners and additional deputy commissioners of all districts have been also informed and directed to complete their tasks with the help of tehsildars and patwaris.

According to sources, overseas Pakistanis often suffer the most due to the patwari culture, spending several months at land registrar’s offices for even minor work.

The details suggest that the Tehsildars who left their posts in Rawalpindi without completing their tasks have been summoned back and given an action plan to complete their work and submit reports to the commissioner.

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