ProPropertyNewsArmed Robbers Loot Mobile Phones in DHA Shop; Shopkeepers Protest Against Rising Crime

Armed Robbers Loot Mobile Phones in DHA Shop; Shopkeepers Protest Against Rising Crime

KARACHI: A shop in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi fell victim to armed robbers who looted over a dozen expensive mobile phones.

Witnesses and officials confirmed the incident, which added to the growing concerns about the increasing incidents of robberies, street crime, and lawlessness in the city’s upscale locality.

According to South-SSP Syed Asad Raza, two armed individuals arrived at a shop on Khayaban-i-Saher in Phase-VI, posing as customers who needed their cell phones repaired.

Although a security guard was present, he was distracted while talking to other employees.

One of the robbers held down the guard, while the other stole 15-20 costly cell phones before fleeing with his accomplice.

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Following the incident, shopkeepers in the area took to the streets in protest against the rising crime rate in the city. They blocked the main road for vehicular traffic, demanding that the authorities take action to curb the lawlessness and ensure the safety of citizens.

Upon reaching the scene, SSP Raza met with the protesters and convinced them to end their demonstration.

He assured them that the police would investigate the incident and take all necessary steps to prevent such crimes from happening again.

The incident has raised concerns among citizens and shopkeepers in the area, who are calling on the authorities to take more significant measures to combat crime and ensure the safety of the public.

As such, the police are under increasing pressure to take swift action and restore law and order in the city.

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