ProPropertyNewsBCDA Starts Making Master Plan of Balochistan’s Coastal Line

BCDA Starts Making Master Plan of Balochistan’s Coastal Line

QUETTA: To assess the future viability of compressive development and the preservation of natural ecosystems, the Balochistan Coastline Development Authority (BCDA) is now working on the master plan for the province’s coastal line.

In light of the province’s richness in tourism attractions along the 750-kilometer coastal belt, sources in the Balochistan administration told that the government was making significant efforts to create the master plan of the coastal belt.

To meet the demands of domestic and international visitors who are visiting Balochistan’s coastal line, construction work on eco-tourism resorts, beach parks, floating jetties, and rest places was in full gear, the sources added.

Furthermore, the installation of tourist resorts in Kund Malir, Gadani, Ormara, Jiwani, Gwadar, and Kalmat was nearing completion as 90% of the development work had already been completed.

According to the source, the government is aiming to enhance its coastal regions to make it easier for visitors and travelers to support the blue economy.

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Besides, the provincial government decided to protect marine resources and the coastal ecosystem to counteract coastal erosion by planting coastal plants.

They said that the government worked hard to provide visitors of the region with basic residential facilities, good infrastructure, a fine transportation system, and a safe environment.

They claimed that the Balochistan government had invested Rs. 250 million in the construction of 5 beach parks along the coastline.

It is to mention here that the Balochistan Coastal Development Authority was established by the provincial government to control economic activity and guarantee the presence of contemporary infrastructure.

According to the sources, the government has stationed 215 lifeguards to help visitors and safeguard them, adding that the administration was taking tangible steps to boost domestic tourism, which has the potential to generate substantial money for the national exchequer.


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