ProPropertyNewsCapital’s Water Needs Likely to Increase Up to 200 Million Gallons by Next Summer

Capital’s Water Needs Likely to Increase Up to 200 Million Gallons by Next Summer

ISLAMABAD: By the start of the next summer, the capital city’s daily water use will likely rise to 200 million gallons per day.

The civic agency’s water management division examined the existing situation and concluded that it would need to make preparations for at least 70 to 80 million gallons of water from other sources to fulfill demands during the next summer season.

According to government estimates, due to Islamabad’s rapidly growing population, the urban regions would need about 120 million gallons of water, while the rural parts will also need at least 80 million gallons.

The sources claimed that the private housing societies are mushrooming, and many of them are primarily focused on subterranean water reservoirs, which is placing tremendous strain on the waterbed.

A CDA official stated that at the moment, there is not enough water to fulfill the needs of an ever-growing population.

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He added that the department was well aware of the growing demand for water in Islamabad, which had led to the implementation of several programs to guarantee water supply, particularly during summer.

One of these projects is the rain harvesting project and CDA is optimistic that it will assist the locals to have access to ample water.

He added that the civic body was now conserving water in reservoirs for use throughout the summer and nearly all tube wells were now completely operational, and pipeline water loss had also decreased.

The French experts who recently spoke with representatives of the civic agency noted that Islamabad’s population should be raised keeping in mind the water resources that are accessible.

Additionally considered is the possibility of transporting water from other sources, which will be done in consultation with the federal government.

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