ProPropertyNewsCDA Gives 15-Day Deadline to Residents for Encroachment Removal

CDA Gives 15-Day Deadline to Residents for Encroachment Removal

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has given a 15-day deadline to residents to remove any encroachments from their houses in order to avoid legal action including heavy fines.

The relevant department of the civic organization has also recently conducted a survey to point out residential areas and detect encroachments made by homeowners in the capital territory.

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The information revealed that the locals had used the public land to erect fences, establish parking lots, build car sheds, plant lawns, and put up security obstacles.

Furthermore, the report also showed that many residents have taken over green belt properties to increase the size of their lawns while others used these green spaces to build car parks in front of their houses.

The survey also highlighted the unauthorized additions to the houses, which the owners rent out to make money.

Besides, the spokesperson of the civic agency stated that these encroachments made on public property have negatively impacted the aesthetics of the city and given birth to a number of problems for the general public.

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The citizens have been given fifteen days to remove encroachments, after which rigorous action will be taken to rid the city of these illegal activities, while the civic agency’s Enforcement Wing is also preparing to remove these encroachments upon completion of the deadline, said the spokesperson.


  1. It’s only in papers. F-8 Markaz Islamabad is full of encroachments. No one is caring. All footpaths are covered by tea stalls, chairs and other stuff like that.

  2. Please also check the encroachment in Marketa and in IAndT centres in front of houses Service Stations and Workshops in front of Houses.

  3. Dear the concerned,
    Would highly appreciate if an immediate action is taken against washing of cars on slope outside & car porches spilling water on road for hours which definitely damages the road structure & causing inconvenience for pedestrians.
    Location; Street # 70, Sector I 8/3 from House # 712 to onward in ascending order & House # 632 to onward in descending order.

  4. Very good . well done CDA. Please take the action on Service Rd ,Gangal West ,along Islamabad Express Way . Dozens of Marble Factories have encroached and captured the capital territory and has spoiled green belt of Islamabad by throwing debris of marble factories.

  5. I had submitted information people are selling Cda land and making plazas and home near kachnar park I-8 in right of way area of Islamabad Highway. Land department also in knowledge of this issue but they did not take any action which is very suspicious. I request to take some serious action. 03218503776 for further.

  6. What about the illegal slums and their out of proportion extensions…qabza mafia operating at these places cannot work without connivance with CDA

  7. Hopefully CDA has become honest to perform
    The entire Islamabad Commercial Areas have been encroached by Pathans, who find it a heavsn to do all sort of illegal businesses
    This is not possible without the conievance with CDA

    1. It is a good effort but is the Civic body courageuos enough to remove encroachments built by lawers in F- 8 Markaz on footpaths n streets.

    2. True…. An honest opinion.
      Beside pathans, a huge number of Afghans have joined the race. CDA may take a look in G-9 Areas.

    3. It is very good . But first of all commercial encroachments.
      Like thaelas, illegal shops, islamabad is safe heaven for illegal commercial activites.

      1. Sector i 12 also heavily encroached CDA must give alternate shelter….allottee of said sector suffer alot with years to go no developmen has started…t

      2. Well done CDA, take immediate action in sector I/8-l against the private Flats. The owners have rented the rooms, on CDA properties opposite the children’s park and nearby the old water supply tank.

    4. 100 % True. Road leading to D-12 presents similar view full of encroachments as of IJI Principal Road/ پیر ودھائی

    5. Dear Azhar…
      Please don’t spread linguastic ranchor… Pathan Punjabi Baluchi or Sindhi etc all are Pakistani… You may be right but the way of your expression is wrong…

    6. First you wash your mouth don’t call a specific name called pathan ask your elder Islamabad is part of kpk before

    7. The owners of the houses in posh sectors have not been Pathans alone, but high-ranking retired civil/military servants as well as well-off families, Pathans and non-Pathans, and they have invariably encroached to whichever side they possibly could. Why should one be blind to this glaring violation, if, of course, one is not really blind. All of the encroachments being illegal, need to be removed.

  8. What about the boring for water in I-10/2 sector, many people’s have bored in street areas just outside their houses. Is it comes in encarochment. If it is Then action must be taken.

  9. True…. An honest opinion.
    Beside pathans, a huge number of Afghans have joined the race. CDA may take a look in G-9 Areas.

  10. Action agains erected fences or hard built structure is fine and should be done, but action against making lawns and plantation without covering them by any fence or boundry, byond understamding,

  11. Well done, but when you will take action against Automobile showrooms who occupied public parking and footpaths in CDA Markaz of ..I personally observed that the concerned authorities always close their eyes on such as mafia..while they only take action against individual or helpless citizens

  12. This is very appreciative by CDA,but don’t target any cast or race for such kind of unaesthetic and destruction act. They have no power and authority to do as.

  13. Good initiative otherwise Islamabad will turn into Rawalpindi like situation with zero plantation and all enchantment. Besides residential sectors the illegal expansion and land grabbing in Margalla Hills Zone III also needs strict action.

  14. There should be an online complaint submission platform for the citizens, and someone capable enough to take actions against the complains. Because a normal citizen in Pakistan is facing a lot of disciplinary issues, caused by other people and there’s no one who can solve these issues

  15. Well I hope its true that CDA is in action as I have been following my application for the past two years and have begging them to remove illegal encroachments in faizabad behind faizul Islam on service road which leads from Express highway to Muree road, there are car garages who have turn the entire area of around 20 kanal plot into a graveyard of cars which can be turn into a nice park for children who are currently playing cricket on the roads . Please pay attention to this issue

  16. Very happy to hear the news and I strongly recommend CDA to please take strict action on it. I also observed this presently at large in several sectors specially G 7 sector. No body should allow to build rooms for rental purpose and grab land to make car sheds play area and sitting places at own.

  17. While taking action against the encroachments in the areas of legal residents, the CDA also preferably needs to take more quick and immediate action against the increasing” kachi abadis” mostly by Afghans and other illegal occupants every where in Islamabad on the state land which are alarmingly increasing day by day unabatedly under the nose of CDA.
    Such “Kachi Abadis” by the foreigners are more dangerous and affect the beauty of the capital more as compared to the encroachments in the shape of green lawns as the same at least do not affect the beauty the city if they are not blocking the roads and ways.
    I think, before embarking upon the demolishing drives of the green lawns, the CDA should first retrieve the state land illegally occupied by the residents of the ” Kachi Abadis” in Islamabad.

  18. It’s a welcome move of CDA to restore the real face of Islamabad Metropolitan and hopefully it would be done under the current leadership of Chairman who is taking keen interest in city issues. Hope encroachments include markets, roadsides, donkey carts plying, excessive car parking of Car dealers. Last but not the least extensions in construction areas without due approvals of CDA and encroachment / illegal constructions in houses managed by Estate Office. Looking forward eagerly.

  19. Illegal Try cycle loaders and Horse 🐎 and Donkey carts are common thing now in F, G, H and I sectors of Islamabad. Wrong side Driving by them is usual thing. No Traffic warden or District police is bothered about them. This was not actual Islamabad.

  20. What about illegal huge kachi abadis[Christian colonies] in f6 f7 g8 h9 and many more. Private house owners didn’t compromise on beauty of the city while encroaching but these so called Christian colonies are hub of crime and blot on beauty of the capital

    1. It is important to conduct surveys of Residential Areas of G/6, G/7, Margalla Town for the encroachment in front of houses leading to problems for the streets passebys. Also having the car parking problems. Need strict actions on permanent basis

  21. The government servants, who are residing in Government owned houses /Quarters have also occupied the extra land in front of their houses illegally and most of the allottees had built extra rooms and rented out. Can CDA is able to take action against them by removing the encroachments.

  22. The CDA is the most corrupt civic body of our country. It is plagued with massive corrupt practices to the satisfaction of numerous govts. All it has given to the residents is continuous threats of fines and legal actions just to put the public on the back foot and hide their real face behind such actions.
    It’s time to put it on a tight leash and take strict disciplinary action against it’s almost 95 % staff.
    PM please intervene.

  23. The most alarming is the mushroom growth of slums inhabited by Christians Community. According to a recent survey 96% of Christian community has been migrated to Islamabad. During the last ten years various new slums have been created. The G.7 and G.8 sectors have been taken over by Christians.
    I would suggest to change the name of Islamabad to Christianabad.

  24. Ghar k samne ramp pe sun shade nahe bana saktee.. Yee konsa baat hee. Ye bylaws nahe lootne ka tariqa hee..

  25. I hope one day KDA will also take action against illegal encroachment in Karachi most of them are from other parts of the Country newly settled here.

  26. PHA apartments ground floor have too much encroachment as well, the applications are registered with CDA

  27. Lot of encroachment in Islamabad private and Govt houses and commercial building also. It is good to launch anti-encroachment operations

  28. CDA IS The most incompetent and corrupt Authority of pakistan in 70 years besides all resources and Government power they are not able to develop even a small city and private small group of peoples providing low cast modern and complete sectors and Areas and in CDA territory their are katchi basti and jhugi besides million Dollars House or plots their is no complete sector you can present. And encroachment business is under umbrella of corrupt staff. And undercover of effectese all land repurchased from the mafia which purchased 50 years ago

  29. Dear Respectable CDA CHAIRMAN
    1) It’s indeed a very thoughtful step which is being taken by your esteem Office. At the outset, ISLAMABAD which is indeed the Capital Of Pakistan of all Pakistanies are proud of, the
    BIG question ❓ Here is as to HOW the WHOLE of the Capital ((ISLAMABAD) could GET into this kind of ugly situation once the CDA is fully functional and active too in taking severe remedial measures/action against the CULPRITS.
    2) The worthy Chairman Sahib should first identify from his own Organisation as to WHO are those persons who had shown LAXITY in this Malpractice.
    3) In this exercise though is indeed very much appreciated but it’s too LATE a thought.
    4) With view to place ISLAMABAD obsoletely in excellent shape my humble submission/suggestion is that the Worthy Chairman Sahib should call for a collective meeting of the NOTABLES’ of each Sector of ISLAMABAD at the earliest and get views of these ‘NOTABLES’ so as to place ISLAMABAD in the desirable LOOK
    CHAIRMAN SAHIB everyone knows who allows/permits the residents to ADOPTION OF ALL THESE NUISANCE.
    I’m Sure You in the best interest of keeping ISLAMABAD in OBSULUTELY in its ORIGINAL LOOK this effort shall provide to you a CHANCE of clearance of ALL ILL-DOINGS from both ends

    Looking forward for a ‘CONCRETE STEP’ in this matter which is very important and urgently required please

  30. please don’t promote provincial biasness, we all Pakistanis are responsible for the deterioration of our muncipal/ civic systems.

  31. Before coming to Islamabad I thought police, customs, and Wapda are the most corrupt institutions of Pakistan. But CDA captures the first position in my opinion as soon as I have to deal with it.

    1. Plan to get their palms greased , there is an army of directors , assist directors , officials and other employees besides hiring temporary labour but thanks to CDA Islamabad is beginning to look like other overpopulated under regulated towns and cities of Pakistan, with garbage and trash littering everywhere and no public transport increasing vehicular traffic choking every road .Trying to register a complaint or point out a building violation is nothing but frustration because the innumerable departments merely pass the buck.

  32. What about F-10 Markaz where all foot paths and parking areas have been permanently occupied by Resturants and car dealers?
    CDA has totally failed to get these public area encroached by the influential traders and shop keeper for the reasons known by everyone.

  33. Strict action needed in all sectors across the board, specially started this operation from G.6, G.7, G.8, G.9, G.10, and G.11, Islamabad is looking like raja bazar and special action needed against these Quetta cafe mafia, and pathans and Afghan mafias,

  34. Encroachments along under construction IJP road are numerous and this issue has never been resolved since years.Right time to remove these ENCRMNTS as work is going on yet.

  35. Largely, the action is well required, though, it ought to be started from suburbs of ICT where big land grabbers are playing game.

  36. Do visit farash town phase 1 & 2. Shop owners , residential houses are using illegal way to narrow the street by giving to much space Infront of their shops and houses. Some build extra stories on roof top.

  37. CDA should be named “Capital Distraction Authority” ,the most corrupt department of the capital. Can some one imagine that capital of any county has been virtually dominated by illegal immigrants (Afghan Refugees). These illegal Afghan nationals have captured all the minor business in the capital and surrounding areas , particularly Tarnol and Bharakhau etc. Now we feels that we are immigrants in our own country.

  38. Hopefully one day CDA is also taking action against illegal encroachments in G-14/1, the sector which couldn’t have been developed even after 20 years.

  39. Most of the public park and grounds are being allowed to organize different ceremonies in Islamabad which is also a form of an other encroachment, this needs to be tackled also.


  41. Respected ,
    Plz visit kuri road (bahria Enclave road )
    You will find record encroachments in New Mal area .People made plaza,s homes even grave yard ..These Land are rented by local owner and they are Enjoying

    1. It deems to be a good news if the CDA has really taken an initiative to carryout this operation without any prejudice.
      A lot of attention need to be accorded on illegal encroachments like plotting for housing and commercial plazas along the banks and even within the flow channel of KORANG RIVER.

  42. It deems to be a good news if the CDA has really taken an initiative to carryout this operation without any prejudice.
    A lot of attention need to be accorded on illegal encroachments like plotting for housing and commercial plazas along the banks and even within the flow channel of KORANG RIVER.

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