ProPropertyNewsCDA Reveals 328 Names for Build-Up Property Award of Sector C-13

CDA Reveals 328 Names for Build-Up Property Award of Sector C-13

ISLAMABAD: The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Islamabad, Sardar Mohammad Asif, has taken a significant step by announcing the built-up property award for Sector C-13.

This announcement, made on August 17, marks a crucial development in addressing illicit constructions and ensuring fairness in property allocation.

Under the leadership of DC Sardar Mohammad Asif, a committee was convened ahead of the award announcement.

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This committee comprised Assistant Commissioner Sadar Second Tehsil Saniya Hamid Pasha and HVC Naseer Olakh from the district administration, all working towards ensuring a transparent and just property award process.

The recent operations in Sector C-13, specifically in Shah Allah Ditta, brought to light unauthorized constructions, prompting a meticulous review of the situation.

As a result of this scrutiny, a list containing the names of supposed affectees was generated, tallying up to 2,800 individuals.

However, subsequent investigations revealed that a considerable number of these names were fraudulent and unauthorized.

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Upon closer examination, it was determined that out of the initially quoted 759 unlawfully constructed structures, only 112 constructions were in line with legal requirements.

In a concerning revelation, political influence had been exerted to include individuals who were not genuinely affected by the operation, even those whose properties had been seized due to encroachments.

With clear guidance from the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) member estate, DC Sardar Mohammad Asif set forth a strict criterion to ensure that only genuinely affected properties would be considered for the property award.

As a result of this stringent evaluation, a total of 328 individuals were found eligible for the award under the ‘A’ category of Sector C-13.

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Similarly, the ‘B’ category encompassed 108 eligible individuals, while the ‘C’ category counted 186 beneficiaries.

In total, the thorough scrutiny of documents identified 644 individuals as legitimate recipients of the award, while 2,156 names were excluded due to their fraudulent nature.

According to a spokesperson from CDA, this comprehensive process underscores the commitment to transparently award properties, simultaneously addressing encroachments and unauthorized constructions in Sector C-13.

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    السلام عليكم!
    مجھے اسلام آباد کے قریب فارم ہاؤس مناسب قیمت پر چاہئے.

  2. Before my retirement, I purchased a small plot in E/12, in 1995. When shall I b able to construct a house on it?

  3. Assalaam-O-Alaikum.
    It is very strange that under the nose of CDA
    On investigation it was revealed 759 illegal constructions which effected 2800
    individuals. Out of 759 construction only 112 constructions were found legal. My question to CDA is why such things happen,
    either the staff is party to such blunders or there is no proper control.Recently I was travelling from Lahore to Islamabad I was surprised to see mashroom of private societies along the GT road coming up.I don’t know whether these societies are genuine or not. More vigilance is required in these scams of looting the innocent people.

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