ProPropertyNewsCDA Takes Steps to Curb Illegal Encroachments in the Capital

CDA Takes Steps to Curb Illegal Encroachments in the Capital

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Director General Capital Development Authority, Shahjahan Khan, has shared that the authority is establishing a plan to curb the encroachments in trade centers across the city.

In a media briefing, he said that the enforcement directorate had already conducted a survey that had identified illegal occupations.

He added that anti-encroachment operations against illicit structures were already underway, and more operations were being planned.

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The DG Shahjahan also stated that CDA had been taking each and every step to ensure a safe and sound environment for the businesses in the capital.

It is important to mention that the authority is in contact with the trade organizations and has also decided to get them on board to fight against the encroachments more efficiently.

Furthermore, the CDA and other authorities around the country are taking strict actions against the land mafias more actively than ever.


  1. Share the list of what s encroaching n how much is done.. coz the dirt of illegally constructed buildings is still there

    1. cda is big mafia only who not given monthly payments they take actipn agaisnt them otherwise cda is involve in all illegal activities and illengal construction

      1. Yes. True. CDA officials are main factor of encroachment of the city. They are involve taking money for such encroachment.

    2. List cant be shared because anyone can change mind and pay later on….severe lawlessness can be observed in the capital.

  2. How come a CDA encroachment drive is turning a blind eye to illegally occupied and constructed Meharabadi in G12 and F12 sectors? Stop hassling business to collect more money. Remove these occupiers who have paid heavy bhattas to CDA employees.

  3. Just a blind eye actions, cafe near d chowk red zone just beside bank alfalah occupied green area of cda and NO ONE ABLE TO EVEN ASK THEM…

  4. What about Rent a Car Dealers ? They Have Parked 50 to 200 cars in Every Markaz of Islamabad.
    Where is CDA ?

  5. #CDA has an excellent legal framework to effectively supervise the capital city and make it as beautiful as it is planned making it a real model city of the country, but it is not a rocket science for us to see and understand that the lust for illicit money has rendered its exceptional attraction useless, if not an outright nuisance. Mirza Ghalib had aptly said, perhaps for such occasions :
    Ka’abey kis mun sey jaugey Ghalib
    Sharam tum ko magar nahin aati…

  6. سی ڈی اے اپنے رہائشی سیکٹر جی سکس اور جی سیون کو کب صاف کرنا پسند کرے گی۔

  7. Pha I-11/1 cases and pile of applications and time and again letters written by PHAF are pending in your office please have eyes on it.

  8. What about the E–12 , still not given to the owners . There are still people land grabbers are occupying the land .

  9. Melody all the public place engaged of different food stalls and Sector G 8 Markaz all the walking area will closed to all Car Dealers Where are CDA

  10. First they take bribe and allow to build an illegal building and after having pressure from higher authoritize they demolish.

    In both cases a common man is crushed

  11. Posh sectors like F-6/1 where most of the diplomats and expatriates live is under the siege of contractor mafia. Construction materials have been dumped openly, regrettably no cda official from building control has been seen while fining such mafia viz high handedness. Completion is usually accorded in warm comfort cells by way of dealing in isolation by the staff at the helm of affairs

  12. Pory islamabad ki khoobsurti khtm ki hui ha yaha hamry ghar k pas ground floor walo ny exta 2 or 3 room bna kr galiya itni tang kr di hain k ab muhaly mai b dam ghuta ha plz action for this

  13. Despite my complaints on PM Portal and telephonic complaints, CDA ha failed to remove encroachments in the I-8/3 sector, right in the heart of Islamabad. e.g.
    24/7 parking off vehicles by dealers in Markaz
    Covering of footpaths on Double road by residents.
    Occupying Gali pavements by residents.

  14. How about govt quarters in G6, where the 2 room quarter have now become 2 stories and rented out by the allotted. Does CDA plan to get these empty and punish the allotted? The are is just in the backyard of CDA headoffice.

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