ProPropertyNewsCDA Unveils Plan to Develop Festival Square in F-9 Park

CDA Unveils Plan to Develop Festival Square in F-9 Park

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has unveiled an ambitious plan to establish a Festival Square in F-9 Park. This new addition aims to be a hub of cultural and culinary delights for the residents of the federal capital.

According to a CDA official, the Festival Square will not only house renowned food outlets but will also be a platform for folk music enthusiasts. “We are inviting applications from prominent food brands and firms to be a part of this vibrant square. The deadline for submissions is November 1,” the official stated.

The Festival Square is set to be a lively space, featuring food trucks, street performers, folk musicians, and stalls showcasing handicrafts. The CDA has emphasized that they are particularly interested in well-established brands with a track record of at least five years.

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In a progressive move, the CDA has allocated stall quotas in the Festival Square, ensuring inclusivity. “We have reserved 40 percent of the stalls for men, 55 percent for women, and a special 5 percent for the transgender community,” the official shared.

The overarching goal of the CDA is to enhance the recreational offerings of F-9 Park, which spans a vast 750 acres. “We are committed to transforming F-9 Park into a state-of-the-art recreational facility. Every resource at our disposal will be channeled to make it a model park for the city,” the official added.

Safety remains a top priority for the CDA. The authority’s chief has issued directives to bolster security measures within the park. In addition to the security personnel stationed at the entry gates, we will deploy more guards throughout the park to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all visitors,” the official concluded.

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