ProPropertyNewsChairman CDA Vows to Improve Public Transportation in the Capital

Chairman CDA Vows to Improve Public Transportation in the Capital

ISLAMABAD: Chairman CDA Capt (r) Noor Ul Amin Mangal has directed the concerned department to take action to improve public transportation in the capital.

This happened during a meeting chaired by the newly appointed chairman.

Specifically, plans were put in place to launch the Silver Line on Tramri Road and the Purple Line on IJP Road, as well as to extend the Blue Line to Rawat.

This will make it easier for citizens to travel around the city and will help to address the issue of traffic congestion.

In addition to these new initiatives, it was also decided to reduce fares for students by 50% and to eliminate fares for senior citizens and children under the age of 10.

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This will make public transportation more affordable for these groups and will encourage more people to use it.

The Chairman CDA and Chief Commissioner Islamabad emphasized their commitment to improving the quality of life for the people of Islamabad and stated that priority will be given to underdeveloped areas in the ICT in order to bring them up to par with the rest of the city.

He also emphasized the importance of completing ongoing projects promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the Chairman and Chief Commissioner encouraged citizens to provide feedback and suggestions to help guide these efforts.


  1. I really appreciated the decisions taken by the newly appointed Chairman CDA for the people of twin cities. Regards Ch Arshad Islamabad Pakistan

  2. Very sincere step by the federal government to encourage public to participate in decision making.This can go a long way in enhancing sense of belonging of the people with there BELOVED PAKISTAN.
    much appreciated.
    Ameer Azmat Raja

  3. This is a very good approach to introduce feeder bus service facility to travel within Islamabad the Capital city. This will help in reducing the traffic congestion on internal roads.
    It is worthwhile to suggest that single ticket system should be introduced to avoid extra efforts to buy separate tickets for every travel activity through all BRT lines. International practice can be followed / adopted for ticketing system.
    Electronic ticketing system may be introduced. This system may have facility to charge fare for per km per person from entry to exit point to save time of passenger.

  4. It is a very good and far awaited decision by the Chairman CDA. In view of the rapid development of the capital city, an important issue in this regard is also anxiously require the attention of the Chairman CDA that the development work of sector D-13 which was announce in 2005 for the overseas Pakistanis is still not started and it is very painful for them.

  5. Very good decion sir
    Sir if possible please extend the Root of Bus from Chirah Choke insted of Tramri Choke

  6. Aoa CDA ki traf se ye bht acha decision lya gya hy but bus ka karaya kum se kum rkha jaey ga k ghareeb insan asani se safar kr sakey, Bali sark kinarey stall waghaira ko b hataya jaey fori tor pey….congrts for this kind of act

  7. First I would like to say congratulations to CDA & ICT local administration.I think it’s a great move to facilitate twin cities passengers.Capital Development authority needs to increase the number of buses specially during rush hours like 7 am to 8:30 am & 6 pm to 8 pm in order to facilitate the passengers.Local administration need to allocate special seats for abnormal people and students.Students are the backbone of our society, so there should be 50% discount in fare for students.Many people travell in buses who are unaware about stop names.Driver or fare collectors should announce stop names loudly in order to make ease for newly adopted people.

  8. Many Govt employees are residing in Bhara kahu and surrounding areas and have to travel to Pakistan Secretariat on daily bases but no public transport is available at this rout. It is suggested that some bus service may also be included from bharakahu to Pak Secretariat Islamabad, plz.

  9. Good step to meet the public right. it’s suggested to increase the strength of busses especially blue lines. To extend the time till 11 o clock at night.
    Give the facility to use one ticket for all the buses on different routes.
    Ticket system be made easy. Senior citizens and females should be given priority to have seat rather than to travel in standing situation during whole traveling

  10. What about development of model village Chatta bakhtawar? We effectees hope that the chairman will take personal interest for its speedy development.

  11. Respected chairman cda
    It is a good step but need more
    Like action against illegal service astation open in city on road sides and car washing issues in blue area, in front of pis hospital all markets in city
    Enchrochment issue to be adress
    Building contotrol dept make sure the action against violation of construction
    All illegal sale point of bricks sand and other construction meterial in city should be remove.
    And it is very important matter need to adress all illegal construction in Shah Allah ditta and like other area

  12. JazakAllah for good effort but there must be arrangement of transport for students of sector H11.all over Islamabad specially for E and F sectors.Also signal is necessary infront of E 10 gate no 2.

  13. CDA always take good initiatives for betterment of public.
    I would like to suggest a direct rout between 26# Chowrangi and bharakooh.
    Also a shuttle service {battery operated} from each markaz to nearest metro station. This will ease life of everyone especially students and senior citizens.

  14. Tarnol & its surrounding area has been ignored & not included in
    any Govt. Transport scheme to facilitate the peoples of that area which is also fall in ICT. Please consider it on humanitarian
    grounds pl gro

  15. Commendable decisions especially the initiative of feeder buses for underprivileged areas like Taramri (it should be extened to Nilore at least) and Rawat. The decision regarding lowering down fares for Students and abolishing it for kids and senior citizens is of great importance. But the system should be placed in accordance with the requirements. In addition to paper or coin based tickets, Biometric Cards should be issued especially to Students, Kids & Senior Citizens for proper operation and fruitfulness of this subsidy. It should not be left on humam being (private student cards, manual CNIC checking etc.) but linked to NADRA and Educational Institutes Data Bases( Schools, Colleges Universities & HEC Data Bases). Teachers should also be included in these subsidized categories. Online card recharging and monthly subscription plans should also be offered to citizens. One more important thing is to launch an application that have every possible information about routes, stops, live locations of buses on routes etc. Proper bus stops with waiting sheds should also be arranged. Linked routes rides should also be facilitated under subsidized category. For more suggestions and planning, I am available for CDA implementation team.

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