ProPropertyNewsChattarplain-Kuzabanda Road Demands Reconstruction for Safety of Harnaqa and Surrounding Areas

Chattarplain-Kuzabanda Road Demands Reconstruction for Safety of Harnaqa and Surrounding Areas

MANSEHRA: Residents of Harnaqa and surrounding areas have called on the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government to take action and reconstruct various sections of the Chattarplain-Kuzabanda Road.

The road, which serves as a main artery connecting Chattarplain to the Battagram district via the Karakoram Highway, has fallen into a state of disrepair due to heavy rains and flash floods.

According to a local activist, the road was already in poor condition following a devastating earthquake in 2005, and the recent natural disasters have only worsened the situation.

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It was shared that the current condition of the 16-kilometer road has become highly dangerous and has led to an increase in accidents.

Furthermore, the road has become even more perilous during the winter months due to snowfall, highlighting the urgency of the reconstruction.

The local activist and the people of the area are requesting the government to take immediate action to reconstruct the Chattarplain-Kuzabanda Road and make it safe for all commuters.

The people of the area have also requested the government to construct protective walls and repair the damaged portions of the road as soon as possible.

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