ProPropertyNewsCommissioner Lahore Forms Committee to Expedite Pending Cases of Private Societies

Commissioner Lahore Forms Committee to Expedite Pending Cases of Private Societies

LAHORE: In a bid to address the growing concerns over pending cases of private societies within various departments, Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa has taken proactive measures by establishing a committee dedicated to resolving these longstanding issues.

The initiative aims to streamline the bureaucratic processes and ensure timely resolutions for affected applicants and property owners.

Under the guidance of Commissioner Randhawa, the committee has been directed to undertake a systematic approach to tackling the backlog.

The first stage of this comprehensive plan involves summoning the applicants and owners with pending cases to review their respective files.

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The commissioner has instructed the committee to prioritize cases with complete files, granting immediate approval wherever applicable.

He emphasized the importance of expediting the process and providing relief to the affected individuals and societies.

This will not only alleviate the burden on the concerned parties but also pave the way for smoother operations within the affected departments.

As the committee commences its work, applicants and owners with pending cases are encouraged to respond promptly to any communication from the concerned authorities.

It is expected that the concerted efforts of the committee, coupled with Commissioner Randhawa’s strong leadership, will lead to a significant reduction in the backlog of pending cases and ultimately bring about a positive change for private societies in Lahore Division.

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