ProPropertyNewsCommissioner Orders Inquiry Against Alleged Land Grabbing in Cholistan

Commissioner Orders Inquiry Against Alleged Land Grabbing in Cholistan

BAHAWALPUR: The Divisional Commissioner, Raja Jahangir Anwar, has ordered an inquiry against a group of individuals who are accused of unlawfully occupying state-owned land worth millions of rupees in Cholistan.

The inquiry was prompted by an application from Humayun Shah Bokhari, who stated that the group had used forged documents to acquire hundreds of kanals of land in village 79/DNB in Yazman Tehsil of Bahawalpur district.

Bokhari claims that the identities, signatures, and thumbprints of the individuals are fake and that an investigation and forensic examination will reveal their fraud.

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He has requested that if the inquiry confirms their wrongdoing, the land grabbers and any government officials who aided them should be held accountable.

Despite previous efforts by the district, divisional, and Cholistan Development Authority to reclaim state land from land grabbers, such complaints continue to arise due to suspected collusion between official and criminal elements.

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