ProPropertyNewsDHA Rawalpindi to Launch Exclusive Overseas Sector

DHA Rawalpindi to Launch Exclusive Overseas Sector

ISLAMABAD: The Defense Housing Authority Islamabad-Rawalpindi has made has planned to launch the Overseas Sector.

The announcement has been made by the society through a video shared on the official website.

According to the details, the new sector will be offering limited 1 Kanal residential plots on 3-year easy installments.

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While ensuring security, DHA management has also shared that the Overseas Sector will have modern amenities for the residents.

It is important to mention that the balloting of plots will begin within two weeks after the campaign closes.


    1. All is fraud they are looting people and example is DHA valley effected who remained deprived since 2012 and I’m one of them.

    1. Rs.20,000 to 150,000 per application depending on size and type of plot and then ballot. Depends on number of plots, majority applicants only loose application fees, DHA makes crores by selling forms. Then for the so called lucky ones, all payments are in US dollars as it is overseas sector and after 2 weeks DHA starts by asking the lucky ones for development charges in dollars for next 3 years that’s when the ones who thought they were lucky start feeling the heat that they will pay for 3 years and don’t know if will get the plot after 5 or 10 or 20 or 40 years depending on development and possession times. At that time, the bubble deflates and is a good time for investors to buy once plot numbers are issued, location of plot can be seen on map (which again they will change many times over the years) and lucky ones are not willing to pay more dollars and are motivated to sell at nil or little profit (sometimes even at loss). This time is in 2-3 months after ballot immediately before 1st installment is due.

      Experienced hunters don’t run after the herd to catch one, they patiently wait near the pond knowing that the shikar will come to drink water and is least able to run with a belly full of water!

      One should still try luck with commercial plot 1-2 applications.

  1. You will have to pay Rs. 20,000 non-refundable processing fee and plots will be awarded after balloting. Agey apki kismat. Personally I have participated in several DHA ballots aur kabhi kuch nai nikla. Han agar ap armed forces se hein retired/ serving to pher chances hein.

    1. بھائی پتا نہیں آپ لوگوں کی غلط
      فہمی کیسے دور ہو گی میرا تو تو فوجی بیکگراؤنڈ ہے اور کے بار اپلای کرنے کے باوجود نھی نکلا اور میرے دوسرے رشتے داروں جن کا تعلق فوج سے نھی ھے بھائی یہ قسمت ہوتی ھےے

  2. Never invest in any project of DHA..
    I myself, friends and thousands others invested in DHA VALLEY OVERSEAS 14 years back, still no plots given&and asking again and again More amount in the name of development charges

    1. Same with me. Though I am from Army family. But DHA Valley didn’t deliver. Unfortunately all efforts of affectees have failed.
      Other projects of DHA give good returns.

    2. VALLEY is a disaster by DHA. Badly managed and project suffered many delays. DHA reputation has been damaged and will further get damaged if they don’t sort out the mess soon.

    3. Definitely 👍.
      Another Ponzi fraudulent housing scheme just like DHA VALLEY. Never invest in this scam of mega nature.

  3. Any news abt DHA valley its over 12 yrs people are still stuck up, where as DHA valley location is 100 time better than this newly launch sector.authorities are requested to attract investments for valley,
    More over ph 3 ph 4 ph 6 possession are still pending despite 5yrs have passed by

  4. Hassan
    It is never like that. I am myself a retd army officer who had been applying throughout my service; in DHAs Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, and must have applied more than 12 times in toto but was unlucky that I never get a plot through all these ballots. It is a matter of luck and the system and whole process of balloting is very transparent

  5. 1. Overseas has nothing to do with the army officers.
    2 No internal connections work for DHA balloting.
    3. DHA Valley was a botched up project, because of Malik Riaz.
    4. In every DHA, one’s plot is 100% safe even if you dont make a house or dont even visit your plot for 20 years or more. Try doing that in any other housing society.
    5. DHA is the best option for Overseas Pakistanies as they are away and cant keep an eye on their plots and investment.
    6. Some people may have had a bad experience with DHA but 99% of the people have been happy with it.

  6. This is another SCAM by DHA like the DHA Valley, where the allottees are still waiting, after 14 years, for any ground to build on.

  7. As property market is down and local investors are on sidelines, this seems a plan of skimming overseas Pakistanis.

  8. They just collect money and after that nothing is heard. I also have experienced many times with no results and wastage of money

  9. Abhi pata chalay ga property dealers kehnay wali awam kaise bhaag bhaag k plot book krwati hai.
    Baat wohi hai k fooj ko galiyan aur rishtay dono detay hain

  10. لاکھو لوگوں سے پروسسینگ فیس لیں تھا ہیں لیکن 85% پلاٹ آرمی والوو کو مل تھا ہیں تو اپنا پیسہ ضیا نہ کریں

  11. I made full payment for a plot of DHA phase 6 in 2013, which is located very closed to this overseas sector, but still waiting for possession. Be careful.

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