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DHA Residents Express Doubts and Fears About Storm Water Drainage Project

KARACHI: The Storm Water Drainage Project in Defence Housing Authority (DHA), which was initiated in September 2022 to deal with monsoon rains, has raised concerns among several residents.

Although the project has already been completed in many areas, people are worried about the newly laid-out drainage system and how it would work.

A viral video of a female resident has been circulating, expressing her doubts about the drainage system leading nowhere and the open ditches that pose a danger to people falling in the dark.

Many residents share the same fear and are worried about “living underground like moles or rabbits.”

Some are concerned that the trenches will not be completed before the monsoon rains, as their cars are parked outside and prone to theft and damage.

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A DHA spokesperson explained that the project is an entire drainage system with link drains and interceptors, with the main avenues having bigger or main drains and the streets and lanes with smaller drains joined to the main drains.

The spokesperson pointed out that there is a high level of subsurface water, and some sewerage lines were found broken, which they are replacing as they go.

He also added that the project was taking time due to the recent price hike in steel, but they are making cash payments to ensure the steel supply.

They are also sorting out issues with cement and are confident that the work will be completed before the monsoon season.

Despite the concerns, DHA has asked residents to rest assured that the project is in good hands and will lead to betterment.


  1. One can see that work is going on at a snail’s pace, you can hardly find a couple of workers at a time. DHA seems least bothered by the open ditches they have excavated right outside the main gates of the residents, and are in no hurry to complete the work.

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