ProPropertyNewsEPA Invites Suggestions for Lahore Master Plan 2050

EPA Invites Suggestions for Lahore Master Plan 2050

LAHORE: The Punjab Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has invited the general public and stakeholders who are affected by the Lahore Master Plan 2050 to share their opinion and suggestions for the Final Environment Impact Assessment.

The EPA has asked the public to share their thoughts on the Master Plan 2050 in an open discussion that would help the authority shape the plan to best serve the residents of the provincial capital.

Lahore Master Plan 2050

The purpose of the Master Plan is to overcome sustainability issues and face the challenges of Lahore’s growing population.

Some of the key features of the master plan 2050 are the development of more green spaces, vertical expansions or constructions, the preservation of historical and cultural infrastructure, the prevention of illegal housing schemes, and the provision of public welfare infrastructure.


  1. More green areas, vertical buildings, cleanliness of canal, preservation of natural sources, pollution free environment, to edicate the people, fine on littering and encroachment etc. should be done.

  2. 1. Please make a policy of no more expansion of the city.
    2. Make all the housing societies liable new or old to provide all kind of grounds for sports and LDA has to check it.
    3. Lahore was the city of gardens and these gardens were to provide seasonal fruits. Segregate the city and allocate a fruit to certain area . Eg. Make north a falsa provider south jamun provider.and etc.
    Make sure all the housing societies plant fruit giving trees instead of trees which don’t provide any fruit and these societies can make money out of it.

  3. Encourage water conservation,reduce waste generation in housing societies and rooftop gardens in all buildings.
    Please ban horizontal growth.Open airy highrise apartments required.Construction rules should be changed for sustainability in each housing unit.

  4. 1. Footpaths must be mandatory for every main road.
    2. Provision of Overhead bridges in all crowded places.
    3. Green belts to be ensured in all new expansions.
    4. Efficient and modern Fire Fighting System must be mandatory in All High-rise buildings.
    5. Underground Railway / Subway is the best option for public transportation

  5. A very simple and easy solution is to solve the environmental issue to make sure all the housing societies plant fruit giving trees instead of these trees which are actually bushes which don’t provide any fruit.
    Every house which is even 3 marla society implement this rule to have a fruit tree in front of the house.
    Same as in Commercial buildings they must have fruit trees in their premises according to there area.
    These societies can make money out of it.

  6. In my opinion there are many factories at area near bund road and left bank of Ravi river are using rubber and tyres burning for their boilers. Must be watched at evening and night .

  7. Please make sure to get involved ferozwala ,rachna town main GT road lahore to Gujranwala area should be in lahore city there is no progress and development in this area. Specially surrounding areas of rachna town front side. It’s near to lahore not near to sheikhupura. There are issues of light,sewerage ,gas ,roads, criminal activities, street lights ,no drainage and waste management system.

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