ProPropertyNewsG-14 Development Work Takes Center Stage in Senate Committee Meeting

G-14 Development Work Takes Center Stage in Senate Committee Meeting

ISLAMABAD: A Senate committee convened on Tuesday to address the pressing need for the speedy completion of development work in the G-14 sector.

Chaired by Senator Hidayatullah Khan, the Standing Committee on Housing and Works focused on issues concerning sectors G-14, 1-2-3 during its meeting.

The director general of the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) reported significant progress in addressing encroachments in G-14. In G-14/2, approximately 90% of encroachments have been cleared, while G-14/3 has seen an impressive 99% clearance. In the case of G-14/1, around 50% of the area has been successfully reclaimed.

The committee was informed about ongoing operations against encroachers in G-14/1 and the initiation of tendering processes, which will pave the way for imminent development activities. Notably, 2,000 plots have already been handed over to facilitate the development process.

Following deliberations, the committee emphasized the need for a comprehensive progress report, with a specific focus on the G-14/1 sector.

In a separate discussion, the housing secretary and his team provided updates on the status of Project Life Style Residency in Sector G-13 Islamabad, known as the EHFPRO Project. The committee expressed concerns about the project’s delayed completion, the transfer of 50% ownership to a private entity, and the involvement of a granite company.

The additional secretary from the Ministry of Housing and Works shared the project’s background, which dates back to its conceptualization in 2010 but remained dormant until 2016. The committee also highlighted concerns raised by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) regarding water levels for the project.

Senators requested a copy of the project agreement and detailed cost information, which were not initially provided during the briefing. The housing secretary informed the committee that the Joint Venture (JV) involved in the project was withholding project records and had contacted the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) for an audit.

Consequently, the committee decided to write to the AGP, urging a thorough audit of the company linked to Project Life Style Residency in G-13.

In conclusion, the committee stressed the importance of obtaining complete project records, including the agreement copy, company profile, and all relevant project credentials. Additionally, addressing the water crisis in G-13, the FGEHA director general reassured the committee that significant progress had been made with the CDA to address the sector’s water supply issues. Plans are underway to provide two million gallons of water daily to G-13 in the coming year.

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