ProPropertyNewsGovernment Likely to Ban Potable Water for Construction Ventures

Government Likely to Ban Potable Water for Construction Ventures

The federal government, in a bid to conserve drinking water, has decided to prohibit the use of potable water for building activities, gardening, and service stations.

The government has determined that the existing pattern of water usage is unsustainable and that a smart-use strategy, utilizing recycled water in various industries must be established.

It has also been recommended that the government should supply water from the Sewerage Treatment Plant for construction, gardening, and other purposes.

As a result, the Sewerage Treatment Plant in Sector I-9 is being updated to utilize wastewater for construction, gardening, and planting, preserving drinking water, according to sources.

Furthermore, the authorities have designated gas stations and car wash outlets as the biggest offenders of water waste as they use thousands of gallons of water each month while private developers are no longer allowed to bore for groundwater.

In this regard, the government has directed pump and service stations to construct recycling machines or switch to steam washing instead of potable water.

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