ProPropertyNewsGovernment Suspends Director Estate Office Over Misconduct

Government Suspends Director Estate Office Over Misconduct

KARACHI: The federal government has suspended a senior housing ministry official after his behavior with a widow in the Federal Capital Area drew harsh criticism from civil society.

The officer in charge of overseeing the eviction of a widow living in one of the government apartments misbehaved with her, and the video of the incident quickly went viral on social media.

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According to details, some eyewitnesses posted a video of Muhammad Ayub, Director of Estate Office Karachi, arguing with a woman who was pleading for “mercy” because she was the widow and sole breadwinner for her family.

“What should I do now?” “Go get married and start a family,” he was heard saying in response to the widow.

The video brought strong reactions from people from all walks of life. The FC Area Residents Union also filed a complaint about the officer’s behavior and demanded that higher authorities take action.

The ministry suspended the director with immediate effect on Saturday and directed the suspended officer to report to the ministry.

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