ProPropertyNewsGulberg Elevated Expressway Included in Lahore’s Master Plan 2050

Gulberg Elevated Expressway Included in Lahore’s Master Plan 2050

LAHORE: The government of Punjab has included the construction of the 10.5-kilometer Gulberg Elevated Expressway in its plans for the city’s master plan 2050.

The expressway will connect the Home Economics College in Gulberg to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, bypassing areas such as Shadman, Samanabad, Ferozepur Road, and Gulshan Ravi.

Additionally, with a four-lane track designed to handle 73,866 vehicles per day and six interchanges, the project is estimated to cost PKR 85 billion.

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It includes the acquisition of 801 kanals of private land worth PKR 3.5 billion to be handed over to the Lahore Development Authority.

The final approval for the project, which aims to reduce pollution and decrease traffic congestion in main areas, is expected from the federal government in the upcoming budget.

It is important to note that the government has already conducted a feasibility study and found it to be feasible and have a positive impact on the city’s infrastructure.


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