ProPropertyNewsICCI and G-11 Markaz Traders Collaborate for Market Development

ICCI and G-11 Markaz Traders Collaborate for Market Development

ISLAMABAD: Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), hosted a luncheon in recognition of the newly elected Office Bearers of the Traders Welfare Association in G-11 Markaz, Islamabad.

The event was attended by prominent figures including Naeem Akhtar Awan, President, Farrukh Khan, Secretary General, Nazim Ghori, Senior Vice President, and other notable members of the association.

Addressing the gathering, Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, President of ICCI, emphasized the significance of G-11 Markaz as a vital commercial hub in the federal capital.

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He also called upon the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to prioritize its development, which, in turn, would foster trade activities.

President Bakhtawari mentioned ICCI’s active collaboration with CDA to modernize various markets and pledged continued cooperation for the development of the G-11 Markaz into a model market.

Naeem Akhtar Awan, President, and Farrukh Khan, Secretary General, of the Traders Welfare Association, expressed their concerns about the lack of basic facilities in G-11 Markaz due to the neglect of CDA and MCI.

They highlighted the urgent need for a parking facility, road repairs, sidewalk maintenance, water filtration systems, and public restroom construction.

Moreover, they also urged the CDA to promptly address these issues to alleviate the challenges faced by traders in the area.

Khalid Iqbal Malik, Group Leader of ICCI, emphasized the crucial role that markets play in generating economic activity and underscored the importance of developing them in a modern manner to bolster trade activities and strengthen the local economy.

Zafar Bakhtawari, former President of ICCI and Secretary General of UBG Pakistan, commended the dedication of Market Association Office Bearers in resolving traders’ issues, despite personal sacrifices.

He acknowledged the relentless efforts of Ahsan Bakhtawari in addressing traders’ concerns and assured his commitment to the welfare of G-11 Markaz traders.

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Chaudhry Aftab Gujjar, Group Leader of G-11 Markaz, expressed gratitude to President ICCI for hosting the luncheon and emphasized the close relationship between ICCI and the traders.

He pledged their cooperation with ICCI in addressing key issues affecting traders.

The luncheon brought together several prominent figures, including Khalid Chaudhry, Ahmed Kamran Kamil, Imtiaz Abbasi, Ashfaq Chatta, Rao Faisal, Chaudhry Zafar Iqbal Gujjar, and others.

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