ProPropertyNewsIslamabad High Court Relocates to New Building Amid Violation of Regulations

Islamabad High Court Relocates to New Building Amid Violation of Regulations

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court has relocated to its new premises, raising concerns over the violation of Building Control Regulations 2020.

The court’s new building was occupied without obtaining a completion certificate from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), which is a prerequisite for occupying any residential or commercial building.

Previously, the operations of the Islamabad High Court were conducted from a building in Sector G-10.

However, all the courts and associated facilities have now been shifted to a new building situated on Constitution Avenue, adjacent to the Radio Pakistan building.

According to the Building Control Section of the CDA, the new building was occupied in violation of the Building Control Regulations 2020, as it lacks a completion certificate.

The regulations stipulate that any owner occupying a building without obtaining a completion certificate may face a fine of Rs. 50,000 per annum for residential buildings and Rs. 100,000 per annum for commercial buildings.

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It is important to note that the occupation of the Islamabad High Court’s new building without permission is not an isolated incident.

Many commercial buildings in the area are occupied without obtaining a completion certificate from the civic authority.

In such cases, owners often deviate from approved building plans to avoid demolition and hefty fines.

However, the completion certificate ensures that a building meets the necessary criteria for occupancy.

When approached for comment, the IHC Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Asif, stated that the matter falls under the engineering section, and he will respond after obtaining their input.

Despite a written question being extended to him, he had not responded at the time of filing this report.

Source: The Nation


  1. What was the rush to shift Islamabad High Court from G10 to the Constitution Avenue. G10 was easy access to public and lawyers. New place is inaccessible, no public transport, high security zone; highly inconvenient for the public.

    1. If it was built as a high court building then one days it is supposed to be shifted there.
      The main question is that why they didn’t get the completion certificate before moving to the new building? If the courts are not obeying rules and regulations then what to expect from ordinary men? Perhaps CDA is too weak to show one eyes. But they failed to show their eyes to the most Powerful.

  2. Without bribe no one can have completion certificate as building control exploits grey areas of building regulations with harassment and force.

  3. .
    😎 ⚖️
    The Justice gets
    M👀re Distant !
    M👀re Inaccessible!
    And hence un SEEEEN to be D😢NE!


  4. Can you write a similar critical article against the hundreds of violations committed by another (the so-called) powerful organisation of this country. I bet you won’t and you will dare not.

    As regards CDA itself, it is as corrupt, inefficient and violator of the rules as any other body in this country.

  5. Not a big issue to comment. However due to non availability of transport poor clients defenately will suffer.

  6. This shift has made JUSTICE inaccessible to common people.
    If the INSAF fears – where will innocents go??????

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