ProPropertyNewsIslamabad to Witness Revolutionary Changes as CDA Launches Mega Projects

Islamabad to Witness Revolutionary Changes as CDA Launches Mega Projects

In a recent tweet from his official Twitter handle, Chairman Noor ul Amin Mengal of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) revealed groundbreaking plans to transform the city of Islamabad.

The announcement highlighted an array of initiatives, including the long-overdue clearance of solid waste along the Islamabad Expressway (IJP), the introduction of service lanes on both sides of the IJP, the installation of eight pedestrian bridges, and the imminent launch of an electric bus service.

The clearing of solid waste along the IJP, a task neglected for several decades, reflects CDA’s commitment to enhancing the cleanliness and overall appeal of the capital city.

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With this initiative, Chairman Mengal aims to tackle the persisting issue of waste accumulation, contributing to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for residents and visitors alike.

Moreover, the CDA’s plan to introduce service lanes on both sides of the IJP demonstrates a proactive approach to improving traffic management and ensuring a smoother flow of vehicles.

This development will help alleviate congestion and enhance the commuting experience for motorists traversing the bustling expressway.

The CDA will also install eight pedestrian bridges across strategic points along the IJP to promote pedestrian safety and convenience.

These bridges will not only facilitate the movement of pedestrians but also enhance the overall urban infrastructure of the city, providing safe and efficient means for crossing the busy thoroughfare.

In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, Chairman Mengal also announced the forthcoming launch of an electric bus service, set to commence operations by June.

This initiative aligns with the global shift towards eco-friendly mobility solutions and underscores the CDA’s dedication to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.


  1. سارے شہر کا بیڑہ غرق کر دیا ۔ جگہ جگہ تجاوزات ہیں اور
    سی ڈی اے کا عملہ مکمل سرپرستی کر رہا ہے۔

    1. Not 💯 Percent agree


      There is lit bit
      Inefficiency by the department of

    2. مارگلہ۔ہری۔پور۔ٹنل۔کیوں۔نہی۔سی۔ڈی۔اے۔بنا۔رہی۔ہے۔کیا۔رکاوٹ۔ہے

      1. Please take steps for development/ beautification of green belt along Islamabad Expressway. It will go a long way in enhancing beauty of the entrance to Islamabad. Similarly, your attention is also required to order improvement of service roads along Islamabad expressway, especially its Eastern side from Faizabad to Koral. the

      2. غدار ہزارہ اور تعمیرات کا دشمن اور نواز
        شریف کا مراد سعید نے نواز شریف کے پچھلے دور میں اسلام آباد ہزارہ گرینڈ ٹنل میں رابطے کا پراجیکٹ کی شدید جھوٹے آورناقص ماحولیات نقصانات نےمخالفت کر کے پراجیکٹ رکوا دیا موجود وزیراعظم شہباز شریف کو سب سے بہترین چیرمین صاحب صاحب پبلک پرائیویٹ پارٹنرشپ پر اس پراجیکٹ کو منظوری کے لیے پیش کر کے ہزارہ، کشمیر، گلگت، چائنا، سی پیک پراجیکٹ کے طور پر شروع کروایں اور مقبولیت شاندار بھی حاصل کریں ز

    3. CDA should also expedite development of #CDA sector i-12 which between IJP Road and Sirinagar Highway.

    4. بلکل ایسا ہی ہے اتنا قبضہ ہے کہ بس اور سی ڈی اے والے پیسے لیکر کچھ بھی نہیں کہتے ۔۔۔چلو طریقے سے بنوا کر بیشک پیسے کھاتے رہے

  2. Pls complete Islamabad Express Way widning project in current calander year
    It was started by PML N gov in 2013 -14
    and since then it is being delayed

    1. Even pmln didn’t complete work on sohan interchange and skip two mergers on both sides

  3. Kindly dont listen to him iss nay gulberg bridge open karna ta on eid 2 months gone as still all expressway is hell for people….big lier … be bolta ha ous ka wolta samaj karay bass

    1. Shame on CDA which has miserably failed to maintain minimum civic standards. An example is G-10/1 Sector. Hundreds of motor mechanics are allowed to make the area filthy with spilled dirty oil during illegal repairs on roadsides. Shopkeepers have illegally occupied footpaths. Gutters are choked and the sewerage water running on the streets with heaps of garbage. Roads are broken and parks are in diapilated condition. I&T Centre, G-10 Market and Buland Market are among dirtiest and most diapilated places in the whole country.

    2. Might is right in Islamabad and Pakistan. Every other market in Islamabad is full of encroachments and wrong side driving is a norm. The police is toothless as powerful individuals feel they are above the law.

      The absence of Parking plazas is choking the capital. Failure in ensuring underground parking in highrises is shameful. Connivance of CDA emoloyees with قبضہ مافیا is disgusting. Getting the land of acquired land vacated is an impossible task. Decades have passed but E-12 and other sectors are ridiculing the corrupt most CDA. Non CDA land with mushroom growths in kilometers from Taramri to Nilore and elsewhere show that the CDA is so ineffective. Shamefully in 2023, when neighbouring Pindi had vehicle picking garbage system ages ago, the wrongly boasted off capital still uses hand pulled barbage picking three wheel trollies for door to door garbage collection.

    1. Who’s gonna bell the cat ! CDA most probably gets a share from those who have encroached! Total dramay bazi

  4. Barakahu zalalat going on for last 8 months and it was promised to be completed in 4 months. Shame

    1. Bhai koi gali mohaly ka ghar bnana tha jo 4 month mai khtm ho jae aik project hai 1.3 km flyover hai time to lagta hai

    2. Have some shame urself. Shahbaz did it in a such a short time frame whereas MR IK just remained busy but didn’t do anything. Shame for PTI supporters. Pl learn to appreciate unlike ur stupid leader

  5. Need of urbun planning in rural areas of ict. Bhara khu,simly dam road. Mlot road, cleaniness of lehtrar rd etc

  6. I hope the CDA not just works on new projects but also insists on maintaining the existing projects. To be honest Pakistan has now grown into a country which have very few parallels across the globe today. Safaai nisf emaan hay laikin mujhe Pakistan may kaheen nazar nahin aati. I hope more efforts are dedicated towards maintenance and cleanliness of the city. I’d suggest people and the CDA to go Study in China and send it’s officials to China to learn from them.

    1. سی ڈی اے جو پرانے پروجیکٹس ہیں ان کو بھی چیک بیلنس رکھے فراش ٹاؤن فیز 2 میں اتنا قبضہ ہے سڑیٹ بورڈ تک لوگوں نے اپنی دیوار سے کور کئے ہوئے ہیں کوئی پوچھنے والا نہیں جگہ جگہ گھروں کے اندر لوگوں نے دوکانیں بنائ
      ہوئ چلو اس کی خیر جہا ں جگہ جگہ ٹھیلے کھڑے کئے ہوئے ۔۔۔پتا نہیں کیوں کوئی چیک
      بیلنس نہیں ہے

  7. CDA is treating residents of Gouri town, Ghouri Garden and other heavily populated private societies just like India is still anoyed with Pakistan why so much tax paying and business oriented communities are deprived from public funding. Isn’t a fraudelt practice by CDA to citizens of Islamabad. Buildoze us or give right to live and return our taxes in shape of developt funds.

  8. The Govt has yet to fulfil its promise of extension of Metro bus service network till Sangjani and MPCHS Islamabad as the commuters suffer on daily basis between Sangjani and Islamabad, their precious time is being wasted in private transport that ply on the route. The transport mafia is extorting double fares from them.Some buses should be immediately provided by the Govt on this route as the Govt has currently left the passengers at the mercy of transport mafia.

  9. Assalam O Alaikum! Kindly also take step to relocate the blacksmiths working in the residential area (in I&T centre) of G-9/1. They work late night with their grinders and heavy hammers, not only creating life difficult of citizens living in houses opposing the market but also breaking the pededtrian footpaths. As these footpaths are being used as their workplaces but not by public to walk on them.

  10. اسلام و علیکم
    سی ڈی اے چیئر مین صاحب اسلام آباد کے پارکو
    کی اور میٹرو گرلز جگہ جگہ سے چوری ہوگئی ہے اس پر بھی توجہ دیں یہ آپ نے ہمارے ٹیکس کے پیسے سے بنائے ہیں

  11. Asa dear sir mengal I request u to please to relocate car showrooms in G 11 markaz .there are destroying the business activities in markaz .and there are a lot of encroachment in Islamabad in every sectors these people’s were brought by PTI mafia so they should be removed from there sites like khokas in G 11 .please do something quickly

  12. Service lanes is a good initiative.
    I wish service lanes are also planned on express way from koral chowk to T chowk….many housing societies in this route on both side nd suffering a lot due to unavaliability of service lanes on both sides of express way🙏

    1. True!
      Islamabad Express Way can be future hub of Commercial activity, jointly shared by twin cities if service roads of both sides from T Chowk to Faizabad is developed properly and then encroachments is not allowed on the same!
      It will ease the traffic flow also.

  13. ہر سیکٹر کے مرکز میں ہر دوکان کے سامنے ناجائز تجاوزات ہیں جو کے عام راہگیروں خاص کر خواتین کو چلنے پھرنے میں خاص دشواری ہوتی ہے دوکاندار ان سے کرایہ لیتے ہیں تاجر یونین کا انتظامیہ کے ساتھ ملی بھگت ہوتی ہے

  14. 1. The islamabad Expressway needs to completed in shortest period of time along with service road bother. The situation of both sides of islamabad Expressway is going verse day by day. The water tanker mafia destroy service road specially right of islamabad Expressway.

    1. Noor ul Amin Mengal is a CSP Office.He had also Served as a DC Lahore,Additional Secretary communication and Works department Balochistan(C/W) and many other departments,where he had shown his best performance. I hope,he as a Chairman of CDA will bring positive change in Islamabad’s Infrastructure.

      1. May Allah help him. Carpeting of half of the streets/galis of G-10/1 (i. e. Galis/streets 15 to 35) were left by CDA last year need chairman’s kind attention for carpeting not done for two

  15. Aoa Sir. Please start development work on CDA model village Kurri as it has been long outstanding. The whole land is with CDA with no illegal housing / encroachments. It was a project to boost mediocre level population to have their own house in Islamabad

  16. Great job at least someone has started realizing the need of the denizens of Rawalpindi & Islamabad. During last four years of PTI Government nothing was done except demolishing of shadi halls along Kashmir highway.

  17. Dear sir mangal…I m resident of G 13 …if u visit here u will face dozen of stray dogs on road…i think they are more than human here…..more över waste is being stored beşide masjid which is very annoying…plz enquire into the matter

  18. CDA to note that opening of express way bridge is getting delayed day by day, which beside inconvenience cause huge losses of time, fuel and accidents which is over and above losses due to time bound cost escalation of the project. It need to be opened for traffic on WAR footings.

  19. ….inorder to decrease traffic jams, construction of service road through out express way right up to Naval anchorage is also required.

  20. Dear Sir

    Plz speed up Expansion of Islamabad Expressway as the patch from gulberg to PWD interchange is dead slow I think only 4 to 5 labours are working there while the expansion of patch from Kakpull to DHA is very speedy while contract is awarded to same company FWO.

    Some times I think that FWO employees work on gulberg patch in overtime hours when they have off from DHA patch.

    Plz look in this matter.

    Thanks n Regards

  21. Billions worth projects of CDA never completed. Just have a look at the state of streets, pavement, etc…
    Nothing new. They threw out IK who wanted to change the dimensions of islamabad.

  22. اسلام آباد کے وہ علاقے جو اسلام آباد کا حصہ تو ھیں مگر سی ڈی اے کی نظر سے اوجھل ھیں۔۔میری مراد ملحقہ آبادیوں کو جو رورل آبادیاں کہلاتی ھیں مگر اسلام آباد کے پیٹ میں لوکیٹڈ ھیں وھاں بھی کوئی ترقیاتی کام ھونا چاھئے ان علاقوں کی حالت بہت بری ھے نہ پانی نہ سیوریج نہ گلیاں پختہ اور نہ کوئی دیگر سہولت لگتا ھے ازمنہ قدیم میں داخل ھو گئے ھیں۔۔گندگی ہر طرف پھیلی ھے۔۔

  23. Please stop population explosion in the city caused by people moving to this city from across and along the county۔

  24. Twin city projects like Islamabad Expressway & long standing Rwp-Isb Ring Road Project need to be completed on priority basis.Both projects will compliment each other. Just doing IEW~ it will be spoiled in a few years by heavy traffic unless same is not diverted on proposed RR Rwp-Islamabad.
    Lahore ring road is a good example of traffic management and ease of traffic flow.
    Chairman CDA Noor ul Amin Mengal is a hope for the residents of twin cities!

  25. Dear Chairman, CDA,
    Can we dare expect broadening of Bani Gala road from one end to the other? It’s a huge residential area now but the absence of basic requirement of “At Least” double road with lights is dire need of the hour. Would be highly grateful if you could do something about that, ASAP!

  26. I also want to talk about crossing
    Ijp road on carriage factory chowk,
    Traffic which comes through Dhoke hasso (Rawalpindi side)
    Are facing very difficulty due to
    U turn is very away from carriage factory chowk.
    So, i am giving some opinion /suggestions
    To please service road from carriage factory chowk to mandi more (Rawalpindi side) may construct on emergency basis,
    Crossing of ijp road through pedestrian may extend for motorcycles.
    Yours promt action in this regard will be highly appreciated.
    Tahir iqbal uppal.

  27. Dear Mr. Mangle,
    Once upon a time, Islamabad was developed for federal government employees. It used to be refreshing and tourists place. Now business community of Rawlpindi and overseas has chosen it as thier favorite place to live in @ their huge wealth storm, they grabed. Please make such bylaws so that the federal government community could find abundance of standard accommodation, heal0th, education and recreational facilities at economical rates within their earning s.

  28. Total substandard Margalla avenue ….we did not learnt lessons from private societies having very good quality of roads….
    Margalla avenue closed after opening…
    Pathetic 😡

  29. At least one U-Turn is disparately required between PTCL exchange and Mandi Morr.
    And an other U-Turn is needed between Khayabaan and 9th avenue.

  30. Chairman CDA is requested to expedite work on Gulberg-PWD piece on Islamabad Highway. IJP road and DHA piece were started years after Gulberg-PWD and are completed already, however, the earlier is not even 50% completed so far. To add more to people’s inconvenience, work has stopped since a few weeks now. I hope Chairman CDA and other authorities involved understand hours of inconvenience caused by thousands of commuters on a daily basis (normally bumper-bumper congestion starts around 4 PM and goes at least until 10 PM, provided no truck breaks down else add repair time to this).

  31. One my humble request that there is no flyover bridge for motorcycle on Peshawar road from tarnol to pehawar mor stop and always accident occurred therefore request to initiate this matter also, its also come within Islamabad Pakistan, four or three pedestrians to cross the road by foot and motorr biker

  32. Please sir we residents of jhangi syedan
    Have no water no gas please treat us also citizen of Islamabad
    Tanker Mafia fully enjoy

  33. Ap logo nay awam ka Jeena haram ker diya hai bacho nay school Jana hota hai koi crossing point pehly kiyo nahi banaya motorcycle sawar ko u-turn lety huway 80-90 percent accident ka chance hota hai sirinagar highway bi Ameer logo kay liye banai jahan cars 80-100 say kam speed say nahi Kerty 70 cc bike wala kaisy cross karay ab ijp road ka bi yehi haal hai her cheez Ameer logo kay liye banani hai

  34. نواز شریف مشاہد حسین سینٹر بکاؤ ق لیگ سے دوبارہ لے آیا جس ظالم نے اسلام آباد ہری پور ٹنل پراجیکٹ کی مخالفت کر کے مسلم لیگ ن کو ہزارہ ڈویژن میں خاتمہ کردیا کہ ماحولیات ہر منفی اثرات مرتب ہونگے جبکہ ٹنل کا چند درجن مربع میٹر پر سے درختوں کی کٹائی ھونا تھی ،،اس بےوقوف ظالم نے سینکڑوں روزگار ختم کر دیئے اور لاکھوں لوگوں اور ٹورسٹ بزنس ختم کر دی ، سی ڈی اے چیرمین سے درخواست ہے کہ اسلام آباد ہری پور ٹنل کا کام دوبارہ شروع کیا جائے

  35. During the floods a large area of Islamabad was inundated, causing devastation , due to illegal construction in drains, water channels and green belts . Green belts have encroached

  36. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    During the floods a large area of Islamabad was inundated, causing devastation , due to illegal construction in drains, water channels and green belts . Green belts have been encroached

  37. Would like to bring attention on wrong side driving on sri nagar highway by motor cyclist from protected u turns and parallel crossing on srinagar highway by the bikers . Dire need of overhead pedestrian and motor bike bridge on srinagar highway and faqir aipee road . Biker wrong side driving and parallel crossing is cause of major accidents daily

  38. سب جھوٹ ہوتا ہے
    آج تک ان سے I-12سیکٹر
    بن نہیں سکا اور باتیں کرتے ہیں میگا پراجیکٹس کی
    شیم فور سی ڈی اے

  39. Very good suggestion. I would also add that occupation of service road of IJP by NUTech University may be got cleared. Some U-Turns near Kacha Stop, Choke Hassu, Katarian be constructed /allowed. Service Roads on both sides of IJP from Pir Wadhai Morr to Faizabad will decrease the flow of traffic and rate of accidents on IJP Road. Spare parts market near Kacha Stop may be controlled as they again have started to destroy the green belt by their encroachments.

  40. I would also add that occupation of service road of IJP by NUTech University may be got cleared. Some U-Turns near Kacha Stop, Choke Hassu, Katarian be constructed /allowed. Service Roads on both sides of IJP from Pir Wadhai Morr to Faizabad will decrease the flow of traffic and rate of accidents on IJP Road. Spare parts market near Kacha Stop may be controlled as they again have started to destroy the green belt by expanding their shops.

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