ProPropertyNewsIslamabad’s F-8 Flower Market to be Auctioned After Years of Delay

Islamabad’s F-8 Flower Market to be Auctioned After Years of Delay

ISLAMABAD: The flower market located in F-8 Markaz has been in a state of anticipation for its opening for several years, allegedly due to negligence from the relevant department.

Constructed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the market was later handed over to the Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), now part of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).

However, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Islamabad, Irfan Nawaz Memon, who also serves as the administrator of MCI, has confirmed that the market will soon be put up for auction.

He clarified that the concept of allotment for such markets does not exist, and thus an open, competitive, and transparent auction will be conducted.

Last year, controversies arose regarding the allotment of shops in the market, as some individuals claimed to possess fake allotment letters.

The DMA sealed the occupied shops, and investigations revealed that the alleged letters were not genuine.

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The MCI Chief Officer at the time, Syed Ali Asghar, denied issuing any such letters, considering his signature on them to be fake.

In light of these issues, the MCI and DMA have now decided to hold an open auction for all the shops to facilitate the market’s long-awaited opening.

It is worth noting that similar flower markets exist in F-7 Markaz (Jinnah Super), F-6 (Super Market), and F-10 Markaz, attracting flower enthusiasts who frequent these locations to purchase fresh flowers for various occasions.

An official from the MCI expressed optimism about generating significant revenue by auctioning the 11 shops in the F-8 flower market.

With F-6, F-7, and F-8 being prime locations for businesses, healthy competition is expected among potential bidders, leading to substantial bids.

Source: DAWN

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