ProPropertyNewsIslamabad’s Ignored Sectors to be ‘Transformed into Elite Neighborhoods’

Islamabad’s Ignored Sectors to be ‘Transformed into Elite Neighborhoods’

ISLAMABAD: The Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Noor Ul Amin Mengal, announced on Twitter that the organization plans to develop sectors that have been previously ignored and bring them up to the same level as F6 and F7.

According to details, CDA has been tasked with the responsibility of planning and developing Islamabad’s urban areas, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

The development of new sectors is crucial as the population of Islamabad is growing rapidly, and new housing is required to accommodate the increasing demand, according to sources.

Furthermore, the sources added that the plan includes the development of new residential and commercial areas in Islamabad, with an emphasis on improving infrastructure and quality of life for residents.

Interestingly, the Chairman did not provide any further details about which sectors will be prioritized or the timeline for the development.

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However, he expressed his confidence in the CDA’s ability to execute the plan, saying “CDA will now, InshaAllah, develop sectors which have been ignored in the past and bring them at par with sectors like F6, F7, etc.”

The development of new sectors is expected to create employment opportunities, generate economic growth, and improve the standard of living for residents of the capital.


  1. I suggest if nullah passing through different sectors, is excavated at about every 100 metres distance to deepen the nullah at different interrupted sites. This simple work can be done by cda machinery without much cost will not only lead to raise the underground water table but also protect the residents from nullah flood. Better if executed before monsoon.

    1. Which Nullas you are talking about. Almost all of them have katchi abadis on them and all waste generated by the occupants is polluting the ground water. First step is to appropriately shift the residents of Katchi Abadis (which is an up hill task) only than your suggestion will be workable.

      1. Ah the most important issue is this..katchi abadis. i dun understand why they have to be in islamabad. Yes only then nullah problem can be solved..the problems are so obvious.
        “I” sectors feels like they are part of RWP not isb.
        Nullah + katchi abadi issue.
        But cause they are pakistanis..ofcourse they will ignore it.sadly

    2. I want to draw the attention of the worthy chairman that CDA sectors of the “I” series have ever been ignored by the “Authority” and these need very much development work to be done.

      1. Yes brother…you said very right..I Series of sectors are poorest sectors…all should be given attention but I REQUEST CDA chairman sb to plants trees in sector 1/14

      2. These are not even considered/referred to as part of Islamabad 😣
        People even ask us why don’t we shift to Islamabad

    3. CDA was more interested to develop and allot plots on Nallas and participated fully in the destruction of environment.

    1. It’s best to fix previous sectors before developing new ones. This way, they can have proper sense on how to develop the new ones.

  2. CDA should first implement Chairman’s vision to develop neglected Sectors starting from Sector E-12 which is the oldest neglected Sector since 1989.

  3. In all sectors CDA land must be recovered from land grabbers and auctioned for the benefit of its residents at large thus fund generated can be used for all devolpment schemes easily. There should be no authority to any of the individual to allow lease for the personal interests of land grabbers.

  4. I-11 sectors should be given top priority as many residents are living there without basic facilities of water ,gas ,roads, drainage etc, all area need to be cleared from illegal refugees

  5. Almost 33 years have passed CDA failed to develop sector E12 . Chairman is requested to take personal interest in the sector for his early development. This will be a big achievement for him

  6. Sector D 17 and D 18 are completely ignored by CDA, margalla avenue should be continued to these sectors, via overhead bridge crossing peshawar gt road.

  7. The removal of traffic signals and replacing them with U turns on Srinagar highway is a joke and nuisance for users and wastage of imported fuel ,time and risk. Nowhere in the world this is practiced.

  8. What is the standard of F-6 or F-7. Pathetic condition. Look at the pavements, and in and around markets and streets. Even Bahria Town is cleaner than these two sectors.

  9. There is no CDA plan for development of water supply in i-14. CDA has neglected i-14 for street lights, playgrounds, cleaning, overflowing gutters, broken street roads, total pathetic conditions in i-14.

  10. Development of E/12 is the acid test for CDA. I m a govt pension who bought a 40×80 plot in this sector in 1994 but m still waiting to build a house there. My real purchasing power has already eroded by more than 50% during the past few years.


  12. Can someone talk abt G 15.
    Its located on the cross roads and is a face to isb entry.
    Bt what ruin ths sector is. Please G 15 needs your attention.

  13. If E Sector which is in so called executive sector is still waiting for development then there is no more ignore sector….
    Please look into it chairman sb…

  14. The Nallah crossing from G-12 G-11 and then EnteriwG.10 is the dirtiest one in Islamabad it Smell Very very dirty and stinky… Either it shall be excavated and covered or it shall be diverted to Bypass G12 Merabadi, who are throwing human waste and Animal waste and even slaughtered Animal blood in this Nallah…
    For God sake do something and save the residents of G 10 from this disease…

  15. Since the beginning of building a new capital city namely Islamabad in 1962, the CDA acquired land from village landowners. Areas were specifically identified for development of residential sectors, roads, commercial buildings, parks, embassies, farms etc. Similarly a large piece of land was acquired and specified for Agro-farms near Rawal Dam. Although a few Agro-farms were allotted for this purpose but a large area acquired in 1968 is still not utilized by CDA. This land is occupied by different gangs of property dealers and a major piece of land sold by unauthorized persons resulting in illegal construction of houses in the villages of Jaba Teli, Sohan and Pandorian. If CDA did not pay attention to this property there would be no land available for government to utilize this land for allotment of agro- farms. Hence would loose a large amount of earnings from this land. Please protect your land and stop illegal sales/ purchases of government property.

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